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    Endless Sky freeware

    I wanted to share a free game I have been enjoying, . If you have played the Escape Velocity series of games, Endless Sky is mostly the same. It is a single-player, top-down, space exploration game with a story. The link has more details and screenshots. Endless sky is...
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    Jenka's Nightmare - Done. *mic drop* []

    Thanks for finishing the mod dude. I am eager to meet the mimigafan.
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    Oh my ghost it's a GOD

    Oh my ghost it's a GOD
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    Why do the Gaudi in the labyrinth shop act friendly, but the ones outside try to kill you?

    Hey guys what's up. Do you think Balrog robbed the store?
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    Misery's name???

    Ooh, a theory..? Guess that's what she's called because of her being controlled by thecrown.
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    Cave Story FanArt

    I think that's a vest, not abs.
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    Castle Story (Not in any way shape or form related to Cave Story)

    Just saw someone on the forums there say "Cave Story". Gotcha. By the way, this is so sexy.
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    I really, REALLY think Pixel is making a new game

    He finished it. It has been submitted to Apple, and it seems to be a port of Azarashi. Let's hope it hits the App store soon! What happened to Rockfish?
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    Is Cave Story 3D the worst cave story iteration?

    PC version is best because of mods.
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    I really, REALLY think Pixel is making a new game

    Whole lotta updates these days - I daresay he's gonna finish this one.|en&tbb=1&ie=Shift_JIS
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    Ballos' FIFTH form? (Warning, creepy picture.)

    I googled 'manhunt' and the first few results were a gay dating site.
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    If Sue and Itoh turn into Mimiga and back every time they sneeze

    I don't think they are supposed to be sneezing, I think the 'ah' is supposed to be like an 'AH!' because they are surprised. I only think that because I just don't like the idea and they seem to be stuck as mimigas and the spell can't be undone.
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    what hapend on the island be for the events of cave story..

    Jack mentions Miakid after the player gains access to Grasstown.
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    Cave Story TAS

    From how he plays, it seems that jumping is slightly faster than running?
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    Diffculty pack

    Re: difficulty pack Do not try to learn how to make more bosses. Ask anyone. Looking forward to the mod.
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    Cave Story+ Wants Good Mods

    Someone do one with no weapon and a bunch of stumpies and beetles.
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    40% port of Cave Story in HTML5

    Could tyrone do something about the whole "no porting" thing?
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    NIS Cave Story 3D Website

    They will, they're in everything, MS Office, everything. Besides, in the PC, its hard to tell anyway.
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    A polarizing nerd question

    Can fractals shoot lasers? On the topic of space travel's improbability, didn't some people in CERN get some neutrino to top light speed?
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    android cave story

    ...and Wii as well.
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    When your avatar's eyes catch fire, does it burn his hair?

    When your avatar's eyes catch fire, does it burn his hair?
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    That PowerBook is fresh from the dump, the others are champs though.