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    Toronto Story Voice Acting Applications

    toroko: king: arthur:
  2. Ralren

    subject disversity(?)

    I don't even recall having the ballsy tendencies to ever come out and say anything regarding the status and providing any ideas but hey, what the hell. I'll go for it: One of the things that have been thinking about while being part of this place for a while came about once the whole merging of...
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    [DAW] Sunvox

    Sunvox is a tracker, if anyone is familiar with trackers Sunvox shouldn't be too hard to get comfortable with. If anyone likes using trackers/Pxtone/ORG give this program a spin sometime. It's free on Desktop platforms.
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    Hey what's up accessory tribute site forums. I know it's been a very long time but I've had this burning passion to come forth and lay on my knees tonight. It's been years and well, lots of thinking came about. I want to apologize to the entire staff team and some of the mirai members from all...
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    Bubombgi Chess +

    "Bubombgi Chess +" plays much like the classic Bomberman games, along with a new puzzle-like spin on it. In BBGC+, the objective is simple. Break all the blocks in the room as quick as you can, then proceed to the next one. Screenshots: Gameplay Snippet Video: 3 Room Demo...
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    The Vocaroo game

    in this game you must make a vocaroo recording and post it. You may record your voice or a sound, make a conversation with them or whatever! Get creative! my entry
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    Test post

    test edit: please allow me to redeem myself for this moment, I have made a great mistake of posting a test that wasnt in the spot on accident D:
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    My Mods (Open Source)

    Wassup.. I recently saw that my mediafire upload expired years ago.. :eek: Figured people still may be interested in playing my mods My old thread got locked so I couldnt update it, haha.. The zip file is 7zip so you're gonna need something to extract a 7zip file!! All of my mods are open...
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    Club Marian - By Maid Marian Entertainment!

    Club Marian, a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honour in combat with players from around the world. No retail box to purchase, no cumbersome software to install and no registration required. Just click the link on our website below and you’re in. We deliver...
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    The almighty Ralren and the Legendary Grave.exe present after tumultuous amounts of awesome... Teterraro is everything. It is you, it is the world. Teterraro knows everything. You will never escape from Teterraro, you will never defeat Teterraro. Hello, this is Ralren, obviously you guys know...
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    What is this?

    Alright, before you guys go insane and start thinking that I'm going to mod again, most likely Broxxus or whatever, that's partly true. I'm not working on Broxxus anymore, neither for Path Of Ruin. In fact, I'm not even working by myself. A friend of mine has gotten interested in Cave Story...
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    - Xgat Minis -

    What is this? Well, these are small little tiny mini gnomish dwarfish games that I make. The production of these games may come out frequently, since they take only a day to make. So, I'm guessing that every week will have a new game, which is nice, I suppose? THIS WEEKS GAME! Starting for...
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    rftjMXHxTqw voice is from by S. P Gardebiter by yours truly
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    Block Wars: Dude's Legacy

    .:Block Wars: Dude's Legacy:. -A freeware game by yours truly- Youtube Video of an older demonstration: IndieDB Description (For now): "..Being accused of starting another war isn't easy. You got all that humiliation going on, or maybe some...
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    Anthony and Stephen's classy and fancy argument about jesus

    During these 25 minutes they talk to this guy:
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    Ralren's Mod Collection!

    Welcome to the sanctuary of Ralren's Cavestory mod projects... Z_w0vVrKUe4 Sadly, these projects will no longer be continued, so don't keep your hopes up. I wanted to post this thread to give some people an opportunity to play the creations that I have contributed in days past. This pack...
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    It was one boring ass day. I never thought of how dull it was. I didn't know what to do, but to just go ahead and look around my room and find something cool. I looked under my bed, and there was a box! I couldn't believe there was even one in the first place, I'm guessing it was from years ago...
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    I'm back? ..Not really.

    I'm back? ..Sort of! -=(Information about Fire1052)=- Hello everyone. This is going to be a very long post, and in fact; it might be the most longest post that I have ever made in my life. Now why exactly am I doing this? Simple. I'm here to discuss to everyone the whole entire story, from top...
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    Lemon Fight

    Fire1052... I miss these days... Let us bring back the nostalgia of the incredible Lemon Fight: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
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    Cave Story - Tale Of The Broxxus

    Ralren Presents... Cave Story: -- Tale Of The Broxxus -- It's cold.... I have a feverish feeling that rots my head with heat and despair.. I know something may happen to this island.. I just know it. I must do something about this. ...I must. I just can't sit here and sleep for the rest of...
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    Hello. I really don't know how to start this off, so hi.
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    Mario Theme and Half of Zelda theme using an empty gun on cavestory

    u heard me bros <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    I just got a awesome virus!

    BTW, before you think I have over 9000 viruses, the damn ANTIVIRUS is the VIRUS. Not the fake bullshit ones. IT LOOKED JUST LIKE THIS! WHAT A WaSTE OF MY WHOLE DAY REMOVING THIS! ...Protecting every second...