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    A trailer for Cave Story?

    Can you just make sure that if its an .avi file, you give a link to the codec? I can never find the right codecs for those.
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    Cave Story: Jenka's Nightmare

    Yeah, i figured that out. But now where do i go? I got the jetpack, *spoiler* read the diary *spoiler*, and pretty much am running around doing nothing. Where do i go??
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    Cave Story: Jenka's Nightmare

    Ok, i can't beat the sand zone at all. Does it have to do with the combination of teleporters? And do the puppies' barks have to do with it? If so, give me a hint. Am I looking for the puppies to have no bark at all? Does it have to do with the "gaudis eat mimigas, mimigas eat flowers..." and...
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    Cave Story: The Reawakening

    That story... Is that going to actually be in the game? Don't do that. First of all, it doesn't seem to be in the original CS style (idk what it is. It just doesn't sound right to me.), and second, the story should be revealed through talking with ppl. (such as a mimiga saying "ever since that...
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    Thoughts about red flower transformation *spoilers*

    Its simple - The doctor *thought* he had found a way to just get power from the crystal... But he didn't. And if the doctor could come back after dying, how come he can't just come back after you defeat the core? And at the end, the dog says Ballos can't be killed. How do you kill him then? It...
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    ballos papercraft

    Creepy... Very creepy...
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    A few questions about Cave Story projects...

    I say "bah-loss" :-) Well, if you look at the crown, it appears to have Ballos' missing eye in it. Perhaps both eyes are like positive and negative. If you destroy one, then the island becomes unbalanced (After all, when the island actually falls, not only is the core destroyed, but so is the...
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    King as a playable character

    The exact line should be: Don't change spaces or capitalization. If this doesn't work, then, well, i don't know what to do.
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    Secrets behind characters?

    I mean, like he named it after this thing. I wouldn't know, but I think it was. (wikipedia said something about fire and shadows and stuff.)
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    Secrets behind characters?

    Ok, I'm gonna do more than this in a little while. I looked up Balrog on wikipedia, and found stuff about Lord of the Rings and stuff. But, I also found this paragraph: Balrog = large Blarog = unsure shape Balrog = sorta winged Is balrog a reference to this? More soon...
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    The Mimiga Islands other areas

    I tried that. And failed. Oh, and an edited game like that would take forever, or else be impossible (i don't really know, i've never messed around with extra levels and tilesets)
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    Cave Story Tribute Site Updated

    ^yeah, and its a shame my art style isn't good enough for fanart. :-)
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    Garage Games Secured Rights To Cave Story!!!

    This could probably either end up really cool, or really, really, lousy, but: A game where the main character (Im not neccesarily talking about cave story) is in two worlds, and you have to watch out for bad stuff on both screens. It could have potential if done right. Yeah, i noticed the jack...
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    Garage Games Secured Rights To Cave Story!!!

    Yeah, he is big. But look at King's hand!! It's big too!! C'mon, ppl!! Oh, and speaking of square heads, i like the square-headed sprite quote better than the drawn one. Oh, and he looks too human. (well, mainly his arms IMO) AND WHY DOES HIS HAT SAY "CURLY!!!"
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    Garage Games Secured Rights To Cave Story!!!

    Hey, his hat DOES say "Curly Brace" on it! I wonder why... Does King's hand look REALLY big, though? Hmm, PSP can have other stuff besides games on it, right, like songs and movies (or something like that)? And it can access web sites? Cause maybe I'll look into buying one. (Normally, I'd say...
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    Garage Games Secured Rights To Cave Story!!!

    I'm not gonna get a PSP until this AND some other classics (mostly old Id/Apogee computer games) come out for it. (tough luck with that!) And, OMG, why can't ppl appreciate pixel art anymore!! I want pixels!! Not 3-D push-a-few-buttons-and-get-photo-like-art stuff!! Speaking of art, so many...
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    Need help with Making Maps...

    Hex editor? Just save it as .pbm. You also have to add "(c)pixel" or something similar at the end of each *.pbm file.
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    Cave Story manga?

    Whats the thing in the air?
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    Cave Story Deluxe

    About that midi pack... The songe Pulse isn't right. The midi is just Mischeivous robot slowed down.
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    Cave Story manga?

    ?? Your post or picture or whatever doesn't show up. EDIT Ok, now it is
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    Need help with Making Maps...

    Actually, i think the green bat things from Ballos' second form respawn, and so do the flying angel-like guys.
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    Problems getting good sound from Cave Story

    I think the older your sound card, the better the sound. Knowing nothing more, i can't help you. My older computer (with the bad sound card) has really nice sound, but the new*er* one has lousy sound (hurts my ears)