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  1. boye

    Y2K caused Quote's amnesia

    This theory isn't that in-depth, so this will be very short. Quote and the other Mimiga-killing robots were made in the mid-to-late 90s, and some lazy/space conscious programmer decided to use 2-digit years for the robots, and while this caused the deaths of most robots on the Floating Island...
  2. boye

    The Meme Thread

    Exactly what the title says. Post memes here, Cave Story-related or otherwise.
  3. boye

    Cave Story on the Virtual Boy

    I got the idea for this from a post on a Discord server. I don't have the slightest idea on how to program for the VB, so this thread is for sharing ideas and in hopes someone has the expertise to pull this off.
  4. boye

    Best weapon for Blood Stained Sanctuary?

    This is a dumb question, but what is the best weapon to beat Blood Stained Sanctuary?
  5. boye

    Dumb Questions, Dumb Answers

    Make up a dumb question or post a dumb question you found elsewhere (it doesn't have to be about Cave Story) and someone will give it a dumb answer. Simple. I'll start off with a question I found on the CS subreddit.
  6. boye

    The Community-driven Cave Story Fanfic

    Basically, the purpose of this forum-based game is to create a Cave Story fanfiction, sentence by sentence. If you want to post something NSFW in this thread (i.e. an NSFW sentence to add to the fanfic, please make it a spoiler, like this: Don't attempt to make a character deviate from their...
  7. boye

    Worst part about Cave Story?

    Post what you think is the worst part about Cave Story, no matter if it is an unfair difficulty spike, that one character you hated, a dumb mechanic, whatever!
  8. boye

    The Well: boye

    (If you don't know how this works, go here: Hello. I decided to create a well thread, even though all of the official wells are long dead. (But nobody will care...hopefully! :mrgreen:) So anyway, throw your...
  9. boye

    Ban Policy Thread Proposal

    Basically, add a thread about the ban policy (i.e. how many warning points it takes to get banned etc..) Thanks in advance! :)
  10. boye

    Cave Story Memes

    Feel free to post some Cave Story memes here. I'll start off.
  11. boye

    The Quest For The S.P.O.T.

    Here we are. Another forum-based game. Here's the object: Try to get this thread into the S.P.O.T. as fast as possible. The nly rule here actually only applies to mods, and it is: Don't just throw this thread in the S.P.O.T. and call it a day. This thread has to belong in the S.P.O.T. Have fun!
  12. boye

    Favorite whatever in Cave Story?

    Exactly what it says on the tin.
  13. boye

    Worst Cave Story Hack Ideas

    Basically, just post your worst, cringiest, most idiotic Cave Story hack ideas.