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  1. edward18

    Where is Kazuma?

    I always figured that he just thought it was getting too rough so he just decided to fly around the island safely until he saw the opportunity.
  2. edward18

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    I'd seen pictures and footage of it over the years but never knew that it was that game called Cave Story. I saw Deceased Crab play through a video in his early days but I COULD NOT stand him so, even though the game looked mildly interesting, I didn't give it the time of day and never looked at...
  3. edward18

    Freedom Planet

    Freedom Planet is one of the most kickass indie games I've seen. Me made a piece of the final battle o.o
  4. edward18

    "What is your favourite anime?" thread

    To me Buu was the best thing of Z. Everything before him (specifically all that Frieza crap) is just dull personally.
  5. edward18

    "What is your favourite anime?" thread

    To me the best anime of all time is Dragon Ball (the original, not Z). It was just so damn fun. Constantly going on adventures, things didn't drag on for hundreds of episodes, the fighting was actually interesting to watch, the animation was awesome, the humor was at its peak, and it just kicked...
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    Quality cartoons

    If we're talking about its quality as an actual cartoon then the first season and a half of Ren and Stimpy. It may not teach crap, but by god that animation is amongst the best I've seen on TV.
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    Embarrassing/Shameful Secrets Thread.

    I'm still in love with a girl from 6th and 7th grade even though we'll never be together.
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    For years people have wanted a sequel to Cave Story but personally I've never cared for the idea. I mean I'm fine if one eventually does happen, but story-wise it just feels complete to me and like it doesn't need a sequel. Kero Blaster on the other hand I could totally see being a series. I...
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    Kero Blaster Theories

    Kero Blaster takes place in a different part of Cave Story's world.
  10. edward18

    Suggest (me) some Music
  11. edward18

    Who is the best waifu in Cave Story?

    Guys, let's not kid ourselves. We don't have a chance. We all know that Kanpanchi is the pimp of the island.
  12. edward18

    AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

    Does it have Zetas yet?
  13. edward18

    PIXEL ANSWERS: "Why did the Egg Corridor explode?"

    Yeah, pretty sure it was Kazuma messing around in there.
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    AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

    Slowbeef is no longer a moderator. That's been passed on to ChipCheezum I believe. Or maybe it was Ironicus. It's one of those two, but I think it's Chip. And don't worry dude, I know the origins. Slowbeef and Diabetus themselves have constantly discussed what an LP is and have stated quite a...
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    AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

    A Let's Play is commentating over a game that you play. What kind of thing put in is up to the person making it to do. I did say my one was crappy, and I can guarantee it was. For starters I don't have the resources to record footage on the computer so I literally taped my hand-held camera onto...
  16. edward18

    Where did the Hermit Gunsmith come from in the first place?

    I thought he was a monkey when I first played it.
  17. edward18

    AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

    Yeah, I been following this since it was first announced. I am SOOOO happy to finally see the Gammas and Zetas in better graphics finally (although I kinda wish they'd look more like how they do in the official games). I also did the worst Let's Play ever of the first demo of the game.
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    Gaming Letdowns

    Resident Evil 4 after what was shown in the beta trailers.
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    Let's plays

    Well first off, can't stand pewdiepie nor do I enjoy most modern LPs in general. They all pull that stupid annoying "facecam" crap and always do that whole "please rate, comment, and subscribe" ****. I'll try to remember my favorites. I know one is definitely Cypheron48. Found him early when he...
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    Why are gaming clans called clans?

    They do it to continue the nerdy Dungeons Dragons feel.
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    Cave Story FanArt

    well glad you enjoy ^_^
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    Artwork and Stuff

    I was going to point out that Silver Sonic (Mecha Sonic Mark 1 in Japan) has just one big red optic on the front of its eye-piece, but then I realized it was a robot Silver.
  23. edward18

    Cave Story FanArt

    Well this is the picture I made for that collage we were doing a few weeks ago: This however is my first pic I ever made of Cave Story when I was doing my first playthrough of the game:
  24. edward18

    Artwork and Stuff

    Well here's a painting I finished today.
  25. edward18

    Cave Story Anniversary Picture

    I can only assume I'm not in the picture. Haven't really been looking that hard though.