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  1. Davman8


    I apologize if this theory already exists I didn't know what to search to find it. The theory is that plenty of the entire island looks like ruins. Maybe Ballos burned it to the ground and the magic caused it to fly. Or Jenka did that to help confine Ballos.
  2. Davman8

    Ikachan Errors

    I download Ikachan English from the Cave Story tribute site and when I start it it spits out an error saying I Windows needs permission to access the directory and then my antivirus gets rid of it. I disabled it and when I started the game I got the same error as before and the game just didn't...
  3. Davman8

    Recommended Mods

    What are some good mods for me to start with after beating Cave Story. I don't want any mods much more if any more difficult than the original game. Please respond with links to the mods.