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    Need help with miza

    Ok! I finally downloaded miza and it opens just fine. I can edit things freely, but when I save I get this error Run-time error 75: path/file access error. Any way to fix this?
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    Sorry, but I need help again.

    Ok, this time it isn't just with the game. Iv'e noticed alot of japanise on the internet I see comes out as wierd symbols (not japanise ones, mind you.) such as @ and accentted letters, odd trademark and copyright signs, etc. Is this normal or is there something I need to fix this? I noticed...
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    Need a little help

    I just saw one of thsoe speedruns of hell and'd they even get through let alone so fast?! I can't even finish the level sadly, iv'e tried uncountable times :( is there something im doing wrong? I even downloaded a saved game with whimsy star and spur plus all the health capsules, but...