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  1. Squaggies

    A Moonsong Arrangement

    A few days ago I made a Moonsong arrangement, don't really know where to put it and thought you all here might be interested in it And also a DL if you're also interested in that Google Drive
  2. Squaggies

    (Release 1.0.1) Viantastic Story: Return of the Secrets

    After working my booty off this summer, I wanted to make something for Viantastic when he'd hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here's to say I got it done! A good bit of jokes and background characters are from Viantastic's Discord Server as it was kinda made as a thing for the server but...
  3. Squaggies

    Grand Story ~ Gurandosutori (SiIvaGunner Tribute)

    Grand Story ~ Gurandosutori (Version 1.0.1) is a mod where all the songs in the Cave Story (freeware) soundtrack (minus the unused ones) have been edited to be joke versions of the songs (AKA High Quality Rips). If you don't get the references, I would recommend checking out SiIvaGunner (Not...
  4. Squaggies

    Grand Story (Music Mod) (SiIvaGunner Tribute)

    This is the place where I will be posting the Cave Story x SilvaGunner (previously just 7 Grand Dad) rips. As having them all here just makes seance. Looking for the mod, go here Pick and Choose rips of your choice Access (Created by 2DBro) Gestation Mimiga Town (Created by 2DBro) Plant...