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  1. Mevon

    Do you approve of the use of 1337-speak?

    (Yes this does belong in the games section. Don't correct me either.) The use of 1337 speak has sort of died out, but one web comic refuses to let it die. The use of it is very common. So the reason why I brought this up is a signature I saw a while back. So...
  2. Mevon

    Radical Dreamers.

    It's a really good game. If you like text based visual novels, that is. Look it up some time. It has a english translation. (Thankfully! :D ) Some how it's linked into the Chrono series.
  3. Mevon

    Anyone else see that MegaMan was in the next Smash?

    I'm buying a 3DS just for that reason. Haa... I'm lame right? Oh well. JUST SO DAMN EXCITED! :orangebell:
  4. Mevon

    Regions of Piramidos! (A game i'll make in a couple of years.)

    It's a game me and my friend are going to develop in about a few months(There now will you guys shut the hell up?). I know it's along wait. But it'll be awesome. ^^ So yeah a few days for another update. I gotta one thing to spill. It has a lot of things in common with other games! (i.e. Fire...
  5. Mevon

    A modern Final Fantasy?

    I've been thinking about a modern Final Fantasy. You know like electricity,cars,helicopters and batteries. But only the first Final Fantasy. No other one. Does this seem like a good idea?
  6. Mevon

    Cave Story Challenge!

    So if there's a nuzlocke(Did I spell that right?) for Pokemon why not Cave Story? What you do: You can't pick up any Heart containers. You can't receive the following weapons. -Spur. -Snake. -Missile Launcher. -Bubbler. -Nemesis. -Machine Gun. Because you have to pick up Blade you have to...
  7. Mevon

    Cave Story: Lun's Adventure![CANCELLED]

    Same as my EarthBound Hack. :(
  8. Mevon

    Why does Quote wake up in the Start Point?

    That's all I really wanna know. How did he get there? Was he put there? :confused: Thanks,Mevon.
  9. Mevon

    Earthbound Hack on Cave Story.[CANCELLED]

    I am very sorry but my computer crashed badly and I lost ALL of my work. :( Very sorry if you were looking forward to playing it. Thanks, Mevon.