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  1. Luneria2

    what's the story behind your nickname

    back in the days of terraria only allowing like, 5 characters and 5 worlds at a time, i got stuck on naming my newest character and just keysmashed until i got lu2. then when i had to create an account on the forums i decided to spruce lu2 up, and made it unto luneria2
  2. Luneria2

    Favorite game of 2017?

    I didn't get to that part of Finding Paradise yet, but its certainly won its place in my heart, right next to To the Moon
  3. Luneria2
  4. Luneria2

    Show us your desktop

  5. Luneria2

    Favorite songs?

    Pulse and Hero's End are pretty good!
  6. Luneria2

    What have you been listening to?

    Been listening to this to pass the time until the full album comes out
  7. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    Some FA animation doodles I made (I'm not sure if these gifs should be in spoilers but theyre only 30-40something frames long...)
  8. Luneria2

    Pixel Art Collab

  9. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

  10. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    This year, I'm allowed to choose between painting a chair and a mural. I chose a mural and I have terrible quality phone pictures as proof of a WIP
  11. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    I haven't been here for a while, but here's some art
  12. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    Something I doodled
  13. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    Perhaps, it would be easier to define, if you viewed it at 200%. Here, I'll upscale it for you By the way, the pallete was from a challenge on PixelJoint, so it wasn't my choice (even though I'm not going to enter the contest anyway).
  14. Luneria2

    Artwork and Stuff

    Does this count as art? Its pixel-art, I know that...