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  1. nemesis_4000

    Graphics in java

    So let's assume that I'm makeing a 2d role playing game in java. What whold be the ideal tool for displaying the graphics efficiantly? thanks
  2. nemesis_4000

    OMG theres a place called hell!!!!1!!!!

    i wus gust playing cave story when i thought that I might want to cheeck that door to the prefab house to see if it goes anywher and it end up it goze to this place with a sine that ses welcoem to hell!!!!1!!!! this coud be wher loos ends lik curly brase and that thing wer ther was the booster...
  3. nemesis_4000

    What screen capture software should I use?

    I need help with finding a good one so I can make LPs of games for a youtoube channel that I'm starting with my friends. All the ones that I've looked at so far seem to be some kind of bad joke (suchas fraps and hypercam). For my purposes I need something that can record my mike and my speaker...
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    version .1902 version .1901 version .19 version .1001"][/URL] version .1...
  5. nemesis_4000

    new (not) exciteing hard type that was made in a few houers Hello im new here. anyways i made a mod of cave story during my spare time. it isnt anything special but i whould apreciate it if you would play it. i will probably put something out that is more complex and interesting with uniqu areas at some point...