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  1. edward18


    For years people have wanted a sequel to Cave Story but personally I've never cared for the idea. I mean I'm fine if one eventually does happen, but story-wise it just feels complete to me and like it doesn't need a sequel. Kero Blaster on the other hand I could totally see being a series. I...
  2. edward18

    Placement of Running Hell

    Alright, I know it's really because it's just a game and they needed a final level to connect to the final boss, but the layout of Running Hell doesn't make sense. What I mean is that Jenka pretty obviously sealed Ballos beneath the Statue Chamber, a Chamber that can just be walked into. Now...
  3. edward18

    Ballos' Final Words

    I just beat Cave Story again and I got to wondering something. After you kill Ballos he says "HOT... HOT... CAN'T BREATHE... SO PAINFUL... HOT... IT HURTS...". However, this is after he's been destroyed...and I can only assume that it's him talking. So my question is...what is he referring to...
  4. edward18

    Internet Warning

    So I go downstairs today to take the dog out and check the mail when I come across a letter that'd been mailed to me o.o It was real strange. Had no send-back address or nothing. I open it up and it's addressed to Edward18 instead of my actual name. Now I believe I know who sent it by this point...
  5. edward18


    Alrighty, I been planning a game for quite a while now and have been working on animations of it for like the past year. For instance here's an animation of one of the enemies of the game: Anyhow, I got a tune in my head today for the starting area...
  6. edward18

    If the Characters Could See

    What do you lot think that the cast of Cave Story would think if they could see our world and what the internet has in store for material of them?
  7. edward18

    Were You Having a Party?

    Not that I'm saying the Wind Fortress is canon or anything, but I just find it kinda funny how that's Curly's reaction to seeing you with a bunch of naked clones of herself lying around when you free her.