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  1. Attheshows

    Rogue Legacy!

    I know that this game is a few years old but, any fans of the game out there? Share your experiences with me. For example. Earlier today, I managed to get to the forest boss (Mind you I only have like 30ish hours in the game). Are there any reccomendations out there that would be great for boss...
  2. Attheshows

    So hi I'm back.

    Hi guys. I'm bored. I'm coming back. I love all of you some of you guys.
  3. Attheshows


    Fatih, you should remove the word "Indian" from your siggy. It's redundant.
  4. Attheshows

    The Skype thread!

    Hi guys, we should get a Skype group together! Add me on Skype: attheshows.
  5. Attheshows

    Forum Badges!

    Forum badges... We should have those. Why not reward people who do things with little things like forum badges! A few examples would be modding badges, badges related to great OP's, posts, theories, music and more! I think that these might be a good idea so that some users have something to...
  6. Attheshows


    Hey guys, I was wondering, since the community server thread is dead, I would give this one a shot. Who here plays Minecraft? If so, do you have a server of your own/one that you frequent? After reading through the community server thread, I was slightly depressed by the fact that the server...