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  1. UltimateBalrog

    Which character do you think should get their own game?

    Wow. It has been an ETERNITY since i last came on this forum. I don't think anyone even knows who i am because i was only on here for a short time. But I'm back, for whoever even remembers me. :P Anyways, which of the characters in Cave Story do you think would be interesting enough to have...
  2. UltimateBalrog

    cave story 3D soundtrack?

    has this been released at all yet?
  3. UltimateBalrog

    Wiiware music in pc version?

    so yesterday i got cave story for wiiware, and i kept the new music and graphics, since before then i only had pc and dsiware. the music sounded awfully familiar, but when i got the polar star, the music played for when you get an item, and i remembered: the new music was used on my uncle's cave...
  4. UltimateBalrog

    What are your accountson other sites?

    i have 3 others: pankakesparx456 NightmareGemback Flipnote Hatena- UR MUDKIPZ what about you?:)
  5. UltimateBalrog

    Anyone here like Sonic the Hedgehog?

    just curious, and if this is on the wrong board, let me know.