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  1. Backyardcabinxy

    Modding Software Question? Tutorial Website

    Hey everyone. Update. The cave story tutorial website is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, by updating my PC to Java 7 Update 71, Booster's Lab no longer works for me. :mad: So using that software as a guide on my website is off the table until it can be fixed. I am at the point where I...
  2. Backyardcabinxy

    Quick Question: Boosters Lab, Modding, Mac?

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. I had a quick question that I wanted to run by "the experts" so to speak. I am in the process of created a cave story modding tutorial website [I know that it has been done a thousand times already :-).] but I figure I would throw my hat (and version) into the...
  3. Backyardcabinxy

    Base 10 Story, Foster Story and Butch Nukem Mods

    Hello Cave Story Modding Community, I am happy to announce that I a few mods to share with you. I have often been on these forums asking questions, so I'm really happy to finally be able to give back to this community. The first of 3 mods I would like to present is titled Base 10 Story. This...
  4. Backyardcabinxy

    Errors With Modding Programs

    Hey, BackyardcabinXY again, I recently posted about cave story mods, and a member provided a tutorial line on how to begin modding. I have looked at it, but seem to be running into quite a few problems, and I'm not even coding/scripting yet. It seems that the biggest problem I have is saving...
  5. Backyardcabinxy

    Completed Mods?

    Hey, I've been looking at these forums after having a revived interest in cave story mods, due to the fact that I can play them with a PC my friend built me. After playing a few, including Jenka's Nightmare, WTF story, Shcizm, Magic, and Legacy Story (made by a friend of mine) I continually...