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    How do I respond to warnings?

    Whenever I get a warning, it doesn't show who sent it or have a feedback button. My first warning was for a double-post, which was fair, but all the rules I've found say it's worth 1 infraction point, not two, which is what I got. The next was a more debatable case of me thinking that a bump was...
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    Why does Ballos try to kill Quote and Curly?

    1. He wants to die 2. He's about to anyway (the island literally falls faster than Quote if you jump off unless you believe the crash landing cutscene wasn't shown in chronological order) so even if Quote and Curly refused to kill him it would be a moot point 3. Even if he's like a jellyfish and...
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    Disturbing Theory: Kazuma Rescued Momorin

    You know how there is the fake ending where you can abandon the island with Kazuma on the last Sky Dragon? Well, if you don't choose that ending, Momorin mentions when you meet with her to build the rocket that the Doctor threw her off the island when he felt that he didn't have any remaining...
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    I got a few random ideas for modding that I don't know if I'll use 1. Make the EXP capsules treasure chests 2. Put the eye door at the end of the game in an escape sequence 3. Make the airtank bubble invisible and use the Mimiga Mask sprites as a plane, spaceship, or submarine in an...
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    Do you prefer Quote and Curly with or without face lines?

    They have lines on their faces in prerelease art and the Nicalis art, but not in-game (even in the facepics and credits)
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    Would it technically be possible to put every NPC on one sheet?

    Like, if you changed the framerects and had a good enough VRAM, could you have the game load the entire set of NPC sprites as one or two sheets, thus making all NPCs usable with one another?
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    Did Pixel ever draw Quote?

    The reason I ask is because in the freeware manual and the Nicalis arts (Plus version and 3D version), Curly looks different (Curly in anime-like style in freeware, and in chibi game-like proportions in Nicalis arts). So I want to know if Quote has this difference too
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    Could someone please spread the word about Nicalis on ResetEra or somewhere?

    If you think that I'm being petty, I hope I'm not. This is just because Nicalis makes a deal of "let's be friends" and "for the fans" on their official site and Twitter and blog. I wanted to get my story out there to prove that it is NOT true so that nobody wastes their emotions on the company...
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    Jenka's Nightmare+ Graphics (+Download!)

    I made these for a proposal to Nicalis so that it wouldn't be an empty suggestion. Since they haven't said ANYTHING in response for the past several months, here they are for your use. I really don't know whether these count as usable or not, especially the ones that weren't actually edited from...
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    Need help contacting Nicalis - anyone here done so?

    Hello guys, So, I made something based on a game owned by Nicalis in September. So I used their contact form, but no response. Then I tried their blog, then Twitter, then Tyrone's Twitter... I haven't got any single response or acknowledgement! Does anyone here know a better way to contact...