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  1. Captain Fabulous

    Who do you think will be prime minister of Canada?

    this is a huge deal that everyone around the world gives a shit about. election's in two months.
  2. Captain Fabulous

    Shipposting thread

    This is the Bluenose. It was a fishing boat from 1921 that went very fast and won a race and now it's on the Canadian dime. I don't know why they wanted a fishing schooner to go fast but it did and I guess it was a big deal. Post more ships please.
  3. Captain Fabulous

    the forums are down

    help i can't post
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    The "No Shitposting" Game

    This is a real simple game that's gaining traction everywhere on the intertubes[1]. The rules are simple: 1. Don't shitpost. 2. If you make a shitty post, you lose. 3. If you accuse someone's post of being shitty by writing a shitty post, you also lose. 4. No swearing. So obviously the quality...
  5. Captain Fabulous

    I'm AAKid

    You can't say that you didn't see it coming. Please ban this account and unban AAKid, as I will be using that one now.
  6. Captain Fabulous

    I'm actually leaving forever this time

    Well, it sure has been a fun five years, CSTSF, but I've had enough of this forum, and forums in general. I realize that there are at least three billion other goodbye-related topics, and that the general populous doesn't care enough to warrant a thread, but I want to have a solid farewell and I...
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    Ask Helix Fossil

    It is all-knowing and based. Do not stray from the path.
  8. Captain Fabulous

    Don't ask me anything

    Noxid will lock the thread if you do :(
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    Let's Play MapleStory

    Part 1: Welcome to MapleStory Maple Story is an old Japanese Cave Story mod about Jean Chrétien fighting members of parliament, Newfoundland, and dudes with cream pies. Its main features are Canadian inside jokes and a beaver-riding minigame. Sorry. MapleStory is a free-to-play MMORPG...
  10. Captain Fabulous

    im only gonna break ur heart

    sij9c4Vy6CE repost dis if u cry evertim
  11. Captain Fabulous


    im drunk
  12. Captain Fabulous

    umbreon feels like a monster.wmv

    You might recognize him from such hits as "my avatar." This video is extremely slick and sure to please the masses. narutard277 has many other videos that I highly recommend you investigate. And if you love Eevee and its evolutions, here are some that...
  13. Captain Fabulous

    Indifference Thread

    The forums aren't as good as they used to be: meh. It's going to be a relatively warm winter for me: meh. Obama is literally Hitler: meh. This may be a dumb idea for a thread: meh. Talk about anything you don't feel very strongly about. It's like Thanksgiving, where we're grateful for not...
  14. Captain Fabulous

    Fetch Quests

    Alright there is an 86% chance that this is a bad idea because I haven't slept in 36 hours, but 86% was still an A in high school. No. Wait. Okay, shit, let me start over. I am an individual with many rights and privileges, and a lot of free time to exercise them. I don't get out of the house...
  15. Captain Fabulous

    The Well - Captain Fabulous

    Poll's closed. It looks like at least ten people want to ask me questions, which I should be surprised by since they kept doing that in my Dear Doctor Fabulous thread. So the idea is, I'm at the bottom of a well, and instead of helping me out, you guys ask me questions about myself. They can be...
  16. Captain Fabulous

    Fox News and other political circuses

    I don't think there's a thread for this video I want to show you guys, so I made one. Discuss Fox News I guess. Be aware that going off on a tangent will probably get this thread locked. Lou Dobbs on the liberal Hollywood agenda. I think my favourite part is when he accuses Japan of...
  17. Captain Fabulous

    There is a minor flaw in the new forum software

    Well there's a few, but this one should probably get fixed soon.
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    I found some remixes by this guy. Looks like he's only done three, but his latest one, The Dark Side of The Wall, is pretty awesome in my humble opinion. Ambient noise gives me a stiffy. lnEKb3Sy3FY I also, for the same reason, really like the buildup in his Geothermal remix (the song itself...
  19. Captain Fabulous

    The Second Annual Kanpachis

    The other thread was called the First Annual Kanpachis, so I figured I'd just make another one. Feel free to merge and rename the threads if you want, mods. So last year, we did this thing called the Kanpachis, and it was a bit of a flop. We didn't have a lot of preparation. This year, though...
  20. Captain Fabulous

    JiLJiL's deeper meaning

    JiLJiL, a game by Daisuke Amaya, features a cat-worm whose goal is to bump into a slice of lemon. The cat-worm, controlled by you, must avoid being stepped on by cat footprints that follow it. This game clearly has very deep meaning behind it. It is a mystery that I cannot unravel. Could the...
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    This forum is a total sausagefest anyway, might as well make the most of it. In this thread we talk about our beards, post pictures of them, give each other tips on how to enbeardify them or grow a beard in the first place. It's about time we had a discussion that all the 12-year-olds can't be...
  22. Captain Fabulous

    Desert Bus 24/7 live streaming of a bunch of funny people. Auctions, prizes, giveaways and donations. All money goes to Child's Play charity. Last year they raised like $250,000. $250,000 worth of video games and other toys for poor-ass kids. It's hard to have more fun on the...
  23. Captain Fabulous

    Horrible Fanfics & Dramatic Readings

    Also known as Angel of Darkness DarkGatomon. I happened to stumble across this girl's work while I was browsing She really has the potential to become internet famous, much like Tara Gilesby. Here are some highlights of her creative writing: MY TWILIGHT STORY It Begins & It...
  24. Captain Fabulous

    Picking a Different Nickname

    Two questions for you guys that may make you rethink your entire concept of self! 1. If your desired nickname was already in use when you signed up, what would you probably have picked? Some of the older members might have trouble thinking that far back. Also, it would be nice if you could...