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  1. EnlightenedOne

    Nicalis surprise released a new Cave Story game*

    (*It's a free lighthearted Christmas game)
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    EVERY port of Kero Blaster contains a cheatcode to the debug menu. Yes really.

    First and foremost: 1. I was not the one to discover any of this. That credit belongs to @Rain who actually dug into the compiled code to uncover the details. I'm just a bystander given permission to "publicize" the findings first. 2. Complete spoiler warning for Kero Blaster. Doing this will...
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    Where have all the funny gone?

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    The Sushi Strikes Back (DE-FINitive Edition)

    Hey, remember that unremarkable mod I made in a few days for Modfest 2017? Well it's been over 3 years and I finally *finished it! *Finished it with the same scope it originally had, so it's still that one big map for 80% of the mod. You hunger for a California Roll, but the Super Sushi Shack...
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    The Tan Cut Cola MicroTrilogy

    Heyo. I made 3 mods under an alias in 2019 for whatever reason. They're all short and weird and not even remotely connected to each other. The Backrooms: An endless and dangerous maze of musty mono-yellow corridors. How long can you survive? Is there an end? My Cat is Stuck in a Tree: You play...
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    Genuine Plight [ Released June 1st ]

    Genuine Plight Genuine Plight is a short challenge mod and is my best attempt at making an enjoyable level that just uses spikes and instadeath, as sort of a combat to the notion that all spike usage is bad and unfun (even though most are). I put about 10 hours into it for a modding-jam...
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    The Definitive Bullet ID List

    Hey just real quick I was tired of the assembly compendium and other sources having inaccurate or unfinished lists for the bullet ids. Here's all 45 bullets with proper tagging. No spur bullets for some odd reason listed at 2B or some other weird inaccuracy. This is the definitive list. Also...
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    Using OOB TSC flags to exploit memory

    Hey, so I've always been telling myself that after I'm done with modding I'll post these, but since: 1. I don't know when that will be. 2. I have a habit of randomly disconnecting from this place, never intending to come back. 3. It ain't doing any favors and is kinda selfish I guess? 4. The...
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    Rave (No Story)

    EDIT: This was posted on April 1st so take that into your consideration. You know what this is. It's fucking self explanatory. Made with permission from @StarmanPolaris herself. Play one of the most recent critically-acclaimed mods, stripped down of everything that made it fun in the first...
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    Enthology: Lost Chapters (Complete)

    Enthology: Lost Chapters is a different type of mod, in that it is more a collection of scrapped projects and ideas that don't have a home elsewhere, and are too incomplete to be released by themselves. Brought together and fixed up for cohesiveness, these lost chapters take place in a familiar...
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    The Cave Story OST Olympics!

    EDIT: The Majority of Voting has been finished. Here are the results all neatly organized with cute medals and stuff. Sup Forum, If you are someone who for some lunatic reason reads every single post, you'll already know that a group of us in this thread are arguing over a tracklist for some...
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    Pink Heaven (Pink Hour OFFICIAL Sequel)

    Announced from Playism's Twitter. An English sequel to Pink Hour, free of charge to be released on Playism on September 11th. Well, I guess the questions are getting answered.
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    Studio Pixel on Floppy Disks

    I put this in "Other Game's by Pixel" because it's about all he has made, not just Doukutsu or Kero, and not just random conversation either. First off, no I ain't fully dead and no this ain't me playing songs on Floppy Drives, that's way over my head. Instead I stored the entire portfolio of...
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    The Carnage Clash

    This mod is canceled for the foreseeable future. You can find an old buggy version if you dig around the archive folder in any of the links in my signature. I was supposed to release this 2 years ago... ...but instead worked on it more and talked about it less... ...and then I abandoned it...
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    [FINAL MYSTERY-BUNDLE WINNER] Dec 2014 Steam Game Giveaway!

    jj4226 has claimed: LIMBO. And the Ultimate Winner of the giveaway, who wins in the Mystery Bundle: [/B][/CENTER] [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler] [hr] CONSTEST CLOSED, OP ARCHIVED BELOW: How will this giveaway work? Who can apply? How do I participate? Happy December![/spoiler]
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    I hate9

    I have a confession to make. I hate nine.
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    A New CS Japanese Page From Pixel [Possible CS Development Blog?]

    I can't accurately translate Japanese, but regardless an interesting page has been added to Studio Pixel's official site, which, from my understanding, seems to be an overview of Cave Story, with a vanilla download, and a possible Bug-Report BBS of 2004 archives. Pixel doesn't share stuff like...
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    A Free Steam Game Giveaway! (Winner Announced!)

    SUBMISSIONS OVER, BUY IT HERE INSTEAD. [ Today is a day that is among many that have importance to me. ] AKA: The part you probably don't really care about. - Yesterday, was the day I first joined the CSTSF, with my first post about a silly little self-made hack called Cavern Tale, which...
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    Supra Mayro Kratt (GOTY 2014 Most Original Series)

    The forums are being rather silent today/yesterday, how boring. Solution: Share a great game with the fellow brethren, unite together under similar gaming bonds, etc. We'll laugh and cry, and overall have a great time. It's up to you guys on how much of a flop this thread will be (because it...
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    Super HOT (Indie Game)

    Well, it appears that a group of people have combined time-mechanics with first-person shooters. I present to you: Super HOT (I honestly don't know why it's called that). JYAUlPMqnKk In this (through the process of becoming greenlit) game, you run through corridors and rooms, with a Mirror's...
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    The Stanley Parable

    Maybe some/none of you even know about this amazing mod. So I'm just going to spread some information that I know of and we will go on from there. In 2011 a man named Davey Wreden created a Half-Life 2 mod called "The Stanley Parable." He thought that it was going to be a useless waste of...
  22. EnlightenedOne

    The Endless Sanctuary Customizer!

    Want to go throughout the Sanctuary without a booster? Can do! Change weapons quickly and efficiently with teleporter menus? Indeed! Mess around with the health values, falling blocks, dialogue and even puppies? All of them, and more with: THE ENDLESS SANCTUARY CUSTOMIZER! A random possible...
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    The purpose of MALCO.

    What exactly is MALCO built for? Why does he try to kill you at first, and then help afterwards. Why is he there? What we know: - MALCO is a robot who does not leave the power room in the game - MALCO activates with the grasstown fans, and wants to destroy intruders (you) - he has a soft side...
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    Cavern Tale [The Museum Update]

    - CAVERN TALE - Cavern tale is a parody/humorous re-imagining of Cave Story, featuring quirky characters, ironic situations, and stealing magical puppies from old ladies. This game also teaches your child math. You play as an amnesiac robot janitor sent 10 years ago to clean up the fallen...