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  1. odin 2128

    IM BACK + Making a new mod

    Okay guys im going to be making a whole re level design of cavestory but keeping a lot of the inbuilt code, so im just changing things such as enemy health speed etc. Im doing this for my school "research project" so ill be taking a lot of screenshots of what I have done and stuff and ill...
  2. odin 2128

    NEVER DIE (music)

    for my school band we would like to learn never die to play as an assignment for our ensomble performence but we dont really know where to find music..... we have learnt i very small amount with out music sooooooo does anyone have it if not we will just try and do last battle (band settup)...
  3. odin 2128

    your favrouiate game of all time

    at the moment im tossing up between team fortress 2 and infamous -edit- scratch that morrowind is tha best game ever
  4. odin 2128

    Favrouite cave story remix song

    Mine is between ball of ballos escape route and tetrahedron. DISCUSS.
  5. odin 2128

    little big story

    ive started to make it egg coridor is finished not yet publshed and im up to doing grass town if anyone has a ps3 i will give them the level
  6. odin 2128

    User Titles

    i know the joker has undead memer but how can i change mine its somthing really simple that i missed isnt it *sigh*
  7. odin 2128

    Custom sound help

    for my mod I have made org music but i dont know how to use it insted of the normal music ps. is their a way without a hex editor
  8. odin 2128

    Your first reaction after beating hell

    ia video of me (take in mind this was 3 years ago) or when i was a doosh (probobly am still now) but who cares ---------- no video cause it is highly embarasing after i watched it again
  9. odin 2128

    How To Talk Odin-Speak

    instead of taking 2-5 hours learning Odin-Speak learn it just be reading this thread. The key to Odin-Speak is quite simple for example The big, fat cat on the mat is flat. changed to Odin-Speak The big fat cat onthe mat is flat
  10. odin 2128

    What Do Migmas do in Their Spare Time

    Hmm i think jacob might turn this thread into a thread full of rape. Well we know what chaco does but what do you think they would seriously do
  11. odin 2128

    Map Names

    How can I keep all the tileset and script sprites ect but change the name of the map :)
  12. odin 2128

    Where can i learn to use a hex editor

    i know the decimal system but i dont know how to locate the codes and so on i would really like to learn
  13. odin 2128

    Hell 3hp!!

    Been doing it for a long time now and am anoyed tryed minimal items but trying with better guns any tips
  14. odin 2128

    The hike

    this mod was invluenced after my dad took me on two many hikes it is a very light mod you can download it here have fun
  15. odin 2128

    another quick editing question

    how do you just change the name of the map and if its by copying how do you know what event number it is or door event sorry havent been doing much for a while and forgot almost everything XD ohh sorry since the update didnt know the editing place was on the page before sorry
  16. odin 2128

    Can Somone Make A Sprite

    Thats Somewhat Like a soldier with a gas mask to replace the guadi armour and flying gaudi. thanks:D its for my half life story mod and i cant seem to make a combine sprite because i suck at sprite editing and without this my mod would not be complete without it ive done all of my other sprites...
  17. odin 2128

    Quick Editing Question

    how do you change the DEFEATED BALROG thig after you beat him to something like PWNED cause im making a video to pay out my friend :D
  18. odin 2128

    Misserys a prostitute

    if u dont believe me verse the undead core if u hear the doctor right he says HOHOHO straight to missery and i dont think its christmas. :eek:
  19. odin 2128

    Cave edit help

    ive been using cave edit to do a mod and whenever i go to add an entry it comes up with an error
  20. odin 2128

    Half Life 2 cave story

    im making a half life 2 cavestory and im wondering with red critters how do you change their health with a hex editor (or sues workshop) as the red critters are gonna be headcrabs in my mod -Edit- whats a good sprite for combine as im not getting my own sprites
  21. odin 2128

    Org 2 and patch

    where can I download org 2 and org patch
  22. odin 2128

    Core 3hp profile

    dose anyone have a minimal items profile when they are up to core because my computer stuffed up and all my data got erased and i dont want to do minimal items all over again
  23. odin 2128

    Mod idea

    Im not the best Hacker and i was wondering if anyone could make a mod where you get a weapon like the blade (only weapon) that has just about no range
  24. odin 2128

    Title Screen Different

    My title screen is different and i havent edited it the one where i finished hell with he snake in 5:00 i got torko and torkos theme playing and ym one where i finished hell with the spur 6:32 ive got curly with normal theme :p dose anyone know how this happens or is it programed to do that
  25. odin 2128

    Show of your hell run times.

    Hii everyone can people post there hell run times here mines 6:45