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  1. recolorme

    oh boy, cave story made in famitracker yet againnnn

    so uhhh, im making the cave story soundtrack in famitracker. my cousin, cloudsteve, is also assisting me with this project, so uh, yeah. here's a video of The Theme Song That You Probably Heard A Million Of Times, But In The NES Way: the expansion chip im using is the konami vrc6 chip, which...
  2. recolorme

    general art section?

    should there be a general art section? like one for posting whatever the hell you make? i noticed there is one for cave story related things, but what if we just want to post other stuff? it also might not hurt for a pixel art section so others can help each other out.
  3. recolorme

    Cave Story Beta Remake Something I made because I was bored. It's basically just a beta remake based on the Cave Story beta video someone posted. Not much is done, but I'll probably do more later on.
  4. recolorme

    recolorme's revamping thread thing

    request me any thing you want me to revamp. like an old sprite of yours or something. here are some of my works: im bored
  5. recolorme

    TSR Story

    I made a mod of the community "The Spriters Resource". This will mostly be a reskin of Cave Story, but I will add new things. This is currently at the alpha state, but there will be more content later on (lol, no duh.)...
  6. recolorme

    Cave Story Pokemon.

    Hello. I'm currently going to make a Pokemon Hack of Cave Story. Three Starters (Or Trading your Polar Star into a:) Machine Gun = Squirtle Snake = Charmander Spur = Bulbasaur Regular Pokemons: Rattata = Critter .:Raticate = Power Critter:. Pidgey = Bat .Orangebell. Ekans = Pignon .:Giant...
  7. recolorme

    My Story. Cave story mod

    Demo V.1 : Demo V.2 : Coming soon... Here are 2 screens.