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  1. Fluffball

    Geobox Engine getting ready for public use

    Hey guys, so I posted a feedback request for this engine a while back and I had some people asking me if it would be released for public use. Well the answer is yes. When will it be released? There are two answers: right now and very very soon. I'm doing an initial release now where the...
  2. Fluffball

    Requesting feedback on graphics

    I really have no idea where to put this. I just wanted to get some feedback on graphics and style (ie: lighting, shadows, sound). I've been staring at my own work for so long that I've lost the ability to see the wires sticking out of things. Don't read too deep onto the dialogue section (or...
  3. Fluffball

    Enemy Programming Results

    So that last topic died pretty fast. Its not far down on the page, but here's the link for any new readers: I tested out some of my hypotheses and thought I would make a followup post. Some of the stuff I proposed worked out ok, and some of it was...
  4. Fluffball

    Effective character/enemy programming

    Hi guys, just joined the forums, so here’s a small amount of background: I've been programming game engines (or rather, "game engines" since I can't say I've made a successful game with them) for a while now and I'm recently trying to dedicate myself to making actual games as opposed to just...