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  1. Cibryll

    The <BOA thread

    Apparently there wasn't a guide for using the BOA code in scripts, so I decided to try my best to make a guide for this. It is by no means complete, however. The TSC command BOA works on room bosses (Omega, Balfrog, Heavy Press, Core, Undead Core, Ironhead, Dragon Sisters, Monster X and...
  2. Cibryll

    Lunar Shadow Project

    This thread used to be just for Lunar Shadow, but I figured, I may as well have its related works (like Selenic Shadow) in this thread as well. One might say the whole thing's inspired by the Castlevania games, as well as a mod my ex-boyfriend made in 2012, Shadow of the Stars (hence the name...
  3. Cibryll

    Obscuro Lumen Venenum Aeris [ver 0.0.0a] (Dianke) [currently canned]

    Right. I will just be posting this on behalf of one of my friends, Dianke. (Yes, the same one that helped out with Haunted House Story Reinforced.) She says that she had asked Noxid and that he said it'd be fine, so... yeah. I'll just be quoting her: So... yeah. I'll basically just act as a...