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  1. TekNerd

    Ni No Kuni 2 tips?

    I bought this game a little while ago but have yet to start playing it but I like its design and concept. I haven't played the first one (though i plan to one day) but does anyone have any tips for this game when I start it eventually? I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to games like...
  2. TekNerd

    Farethere City

    I beat this game back and 2016 and wanted to bring it to attention. This game is made by a newcomer to the RPG Maker scene. They're name is Segawa and they've produced 2 games so far this one and another one. Their 2nd creation has a bit more popularity but I'll give this one a bit of love. The...
  3. TekNerd

    Ive returned

    Yo it's been a long while since i've logged in. Been kind of busy and just lazy to be active on any of my accounts lol. But i'll maybe see if I can log into this place more so yea. :debug: