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  1. srpokemon

    I'm back!

  2. srpokemon

    I'm back!

    Heh heh, I posted this then did nothing. Making this post doesn't mean i'm back either. I wanted to feel nostalgic..
  3. srpokemon

    Notable Moments in IRC

    mcmyadmin IRC: srpokemon: bro tell me how to download the file viewer windrider: this IRC is for mcmyadmin, we cant help you with anything else srpokemon is now banned
  4. srpokemon

    Video Game Book Club for People

    Are they going to have to be emulator games, I cant do anything that requires a emulator.
  5. srpokemon

    Hello Penguin

    It didn't work, my internet sucks at boarding school.
  6. srpokemon

    Cant i'm on my phone for a few days.

    Cant i'm on my phone for a few days.
  7. srpokemon

    Top 10 Most Interesting Game Mechanics

    The biggest one of all, Minecraft: Gravity
  8. srpokemon

    Kazuma Knew Quote Before Cave Story?

    I remember something like this, but could it be kazuma is mistaking quote for another scout robot. There could have been many other robots just like quote.
  9. srpokemon

    What you REALLY want from the next CS release

    What I really want to see is another game where quote realizes it was all a dream but still wakes up in first cave, and the storyline is different storyline. This time quote would meet a group of scout robots and get different weapons, maybe even some surface gameplay.
  10. srpokemon

    I am back!

    I am back!
  11. srpokemon

    I'm back!

    After a leave from the forums I am back!
  12. srpokemon

    leaving for a few more days ;c

    leaving for a few more days ;c
  13. srpokemon

    So Today is National Knife Day.

    I'm going to cut half of my toe off, oh wait I already did. I'm exaggerating
  14. srpokemon

    Robots on the island's power source

    I'm pretty sure the robot's power source is taken from small holes in the terrain that only they can see. Or it might just be they are made to not need fuel, or be some weird hybrid made by Jenka.
  15. srpokemon

    Back from my vacation, 15 now, and my 100th post today.

    Back from my vacation, 15 now, and my 100th post today.
  16. srpokemon

    Did you give Quote a name before you learned his real name?

    He had a really interesting protagonist name, "Jim". But I can't really remember why I named him that. So if I had to rename him now the name for him would have to be... Joey.
  17. srpokemon

    Going on vacation for a week yeah!

    Going on vacation for a week yeah!
  18. srpokemon

    You do not choose flavorless apple, flavorless apple chooses you.

    You do not choose flavorless apple, flavorless apple chooses you.
  19. srpokemon

    Insert X, Receive Y

    You receive: 3400<488xds333> I insert: Sharks with Friggin' Lazerz
  20. srpokemon

    Cave Story = Mario?

    Yup, FLUDD -- Luigi = Sue? She is your partner of sorts when she says you can go with her.
  21. srpokemon

    doctor who?

    It is said in another thread that black is the regular hair color, but it would blend in with too many backrounds so Pixel changed it to green. That should clear things up.
  22. srpokemon

    We go WAAAAAAY back

    We go WAAAAAAY back
  23. srpokemon


    He is watching you... :eek: Also I can't remember where I saw it, maybe on the forums but maybe on reddit. It was just a person congratulating this guy on taking a screenshot of the slendermen instead of running from it like I do.
  24. srpokemon

    Why do the Gaudi in the labyrinth shop act friendly, but the ones outside try to kill you?

    Maybe the Gaudi inside the shop are just happy to have a shelter, and do not feel the need to get killed by Quote and lose it.
  25. srpokemon

    What do you LIKE about cave story (like is the keyword) No spoilers to me

    Nope, no spoilers here! -- I really like plantation, because it is laid out so that the level progresses upwards, and it is a pretty big level also. So this makes for some fun jumping.