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  1. janekhan

    New CS Players Are all 12?

    This is probably the wrong place for this thread; sorry. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that most new players of Cave Story, at least those who join the CSTSF, are around the age of 12 (when they join). Has anyone else noticed this? Am I wrong and I'm only noticing the 12-year-olds? Even...
  2. janekhan

    Darkest Dungeon

    Darkest Dungeon is sort of like a D&D campaign with the most vengeful, hateful, vindictive DM ever to walk the face of the earth. You control around 20 heroes, and must lead them in their quest to purge a small hamlet from the Lovecraftian horrors inadvertantly unleashed by your ancestor. I...
  3. janekhan

    How Do I Get a Custom Title?

    Like where I have "Senior Member", and other much cooler people have much cooler things. How do I change it from senior member to something else?
  4. janekhan

    Balrog Tribute Site Forums?

    I really think that the 10th anniversary is a good time for a little rebranding, and Balrog definitely deserves his own Tribute Forums. This could really be a great community for the BTSF too, I mean we already have a lot of deep and thoughtful Balrog-related discussion. What are your thoughts?
  5. janekhan

    Who is Balrog

    We already have a discussion for what Balrog is... but I want to know who he is. What kind of guy is he at heart? Who does he like to hang out with? Why is this suddenly a meme? Discuss.
  6. janekhan

    Cavescape Alpha Ver. 0.1 - Now Featuring Corpses!

    Here it is folks, 75 trillion years in the making, A DEMO FOR MY MOD! It's a pretty short demo, but, as far as I can test, it is completely bug-free! I won't reveal the storyline until more of the game is done, but here are some SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD the latest version here...
  7. janekhan

    A Big Problemo (at Least for Those who Are New at Modding)

    So, in Noxid's Beginning Modder's Guide, (which is super helpful) he often links to, which is a list of TSC variables, such as the numbers for specific songs and sounds. This used to work fine. Then, on someday, I don't know which...
  8. janekhan

    Minecraft Cave Story Texture Pack

    First of all, I would like to say that I would've posted this in the forum titled 'Minecraft' it the last post weren't almost a year old. That being said, here is the texture pack: It is awesome! The only bad thing to be...