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  1. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Seasons Plays Cave Story Mods

    As the thread name implies, I'm going to be making some longplay-esque videos for a good chunk of the complete and better unfinished mods out there now that summer break is starting soon. I currently have roughly 36 or so mods lined up, though I might be open for suggestions after I finish...
  2. SeasonsOfDestiny

    I Wanna Be The Story [DEMO No.2]

    One day, I had a fun thought: "I have seen so many IWBTG fan games dedicate bosses or entire levels to Cave Story. Why not do it the other way around?" This was the result. Yes, I am serious. No, I am not sorry. DOWNLOAD (Demo No.2)
  3. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Ordeal Pillar [v1.2] [COMPLETE]

    Anyone who entered its walls never returned to the village. Most of the time, an unmarked grave would appear on its grounds for each new "challenger." Other times, however, it seemed as though they vanished without a trace. DOWNLOAD (v1.2; current as of 5/8/2018)
  4. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Inner Demons

    Inner Demons As you walked out of the storehouse, you heard Balrog’s signature “Huzzah!” from above. Looking up, you saw the rectangular robot hurtling downwards toward you. You had no chance to dodge, so you could only stare as he smashed into you. Everything went black. After what seemed...
  5. SeasonsOfDestiny

    The Fall

    So one afternoon I was browsing my favorite Youtubers' channels, looking for new videos I may have wanted to watch. When I looked at TheSw1tcher's channel (aka the Two Best Friends), I noticed that Liam and Woolie were doing an LP of The Fall, which caught my eye. I watched the first episode and...
  6. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Having issues with some ransomware... Any advice/ideas?

    So, I have no idea exactly how this happened, but when I was clearing my cookies a while ago, a .txt file and two .html files appeared on my desktop and the .txt file opened immediately afterwards. The contents in the file are in the following spoiler: Worried, I decided to look into this, and...