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  1. ElecMaw

    General chat

    Previous one got locked, but thanks to a insightful talk with Noxid i'm totally convinced that it'll work out this time around! :D So yeah, weather is actually super warm over here, 26C if my thermometer is feeling reliable today. How's it over there?
  2. ElecMaw

    Cave Story Anniversary Picture

    Not sure if you guys know about it already, but i'm planning to make something really big for my first year anniversary on the forums. While i've been working on it 3-4 hours a day, i might run into some diffculties with it. The thing is that the .sai filessize is inflating to 224 megs and still...
  3. ElecMaw

    Drawing Smörgåsbord

    Also known as an art collab. The point is to take turns drawing stuff into this large image, just like the pixel collab. Let's hope this thing takes off! Rules: -Post first before you start drawing, then edit your post later with your drawing when you are done. Time limit is one day, doing it...
  4. ElecMaw

    So there's this new game coming out called Lisa

    I got pretty interested into it by the whole sacrifice theme the game seems to have, knowing that there isn't always a good choice in the matter. I'm actually getting positive vibes coming from it that it isn't just a cheap Earthbound wannabe, but something unique entirely. Plus, from the looks...