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  1. Yinga

    American Gun Laws

    Going back to the topic of gun control Right Wing Watch recently provided this statement
  2. Yinga


    I really doubt a forum about a 11 year old indie game with a minimal and mostly inactive community is the best place to encourage political discussion, but shit man I'm a washingtonian and we like to talk politics, even if people from everywhere else don't really know or care about the topic...
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    Cave Story Arranged

    DM DOKURO PRESENTS: CAVE STORY ARRANGED It's about time there was a thread for this. For those of you that haven't heard of Cave Story Arranged, let me fill you in. Omar Carlo, better known as DM Dokuro made this album in celebration for Cave Story's 10th anniversary, spending over a year...
  4. Yinga

    Total Computer Wipe and Black Screen of Death

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if this was the result of a virus (any antivirus software I had installed was flimsy at best) but yeah, it's pretty shitty to find out after a reboot that most of your hard drive's been completely wiped and anything that still exists operates at a snail's pace...
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    Reputation System

    This idea came from when I was reading the help page down at the bottom of the forums when I joined, and noticed that there was a mention of a member rating system. Of course, this wasn't part of the forums, and for good reason, especially with the possibility of personal bias leading to unfair...
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    AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

    Download the Demo (Initial Release is free) Summary: Anyone remember Metroid II? That long-forgotten gem of the Metroid franchise, and while overall reactions to the original game are mixed, no one can deny the series wouldn't be the same without it...
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    Audacity Recording Skips

    Hey everyone, it's that time again when someone gets some probably-easy-to-fix-but-the-member's-just-too-stupid-to-figure-out-why problems with recording or playing audio. In my case, I've been having some recent issues with recording stereo-mix audio via Audacity. I record the audio from...
  8. Yinga

    Original Japanese Name for 'The Surface'

    It puzzles me to what exactly the Surface was referred to in the original Japanese text for Doukutsu Monogatari. The literal Japanese word for 'surface' is 表面 (hyomen) but that can't be right, considering the context the word is used in. I was initially thinking it could be 外観 (gaikan) because...
  9. Yinga

    The 2014 Valentines Day Thread!

    Yeah, so over where I live it's Valentines day already, so I thought why not make a thread for the occasion? (Someone else would've eventually) So, how are you guys spending your time during this occasion? And how about maybe some sort of picture or something? For me, basically just enjoying...
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    Friend of mine having trouble posting

    I really doubt I should make a thread for this, since this is just a question of mine, but if any of you have heard of the *currently* inactive/lurking user Mason_the_critic, he's the person I'm referring to. He made an account about a 2 months or so back, and he tried to make a post an edit his...
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    Arthur and Miakkid?

    After reading this little snippet of information from someone's dead Cave Story prequel: I couldn't help but wonder if this is true. I mean, Miakkid was supposedly fought by Quote and Curly, but it's unclear to who defeated him. I know the text only says that they fought, and it's not exactly a...
  12. Yinga

    What movies will you see in 2014?

    I dunno, just watched the Godzilla trailer and really hyped now. So, what movies are you guys going to see in 2014? (Has this thread been done already? If it has, I apologize, not really used to these kind of threads.)
  13. Yinga

    Getting "Blackmailed" by Sable

    Being SableArc's 'boss', by some meaning of the word, he, of course found some form of leverage over me. So now... I'M TOO YOUNG I SWEARRRRR.
  14. Yinga

    Asking members anything

    Is it some tradition to have certain posts for Q and A (Bombchu Link, Randolf, Parkcraft123, Tlincoln, etc) threads, or is it just some major coincidence?
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    On top of the Island?

    *This will contribute to the level design of new areas in CS2* I've always wondered what was on top of the island... A city? A tower? It's hard to tell. I mean, the farthest the player ever goes to is the Balcony, only a small part of the top of the island. But what lays beyond the tower of...
  16. Yinga

    Beneath the Surface (Version 0.0.5)

    And, I'll just be clearing away all of this past me stuff, because you know, past me was stupid! Okay, a little update on the progress of this game and a summary for those who are new to this: I've been working on this project since December of 2012, with a small team (still growing) who helps...