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  1. MimigaMech

    MLP:FIM Role play

    App Name:AquaBolt Race:Unicorn(not to be confused with alicorns because of false wings) Gender:Female Age Group:Mare Occupation:Inventor, thief Personality:"Rough 'n tumble" *Added a couple of things* Pic:Will be on my page
  2. MimigaMech

    Mech's Maybe Mod

    MimiMech here. I might be making a mod (hence the name). Anyway, it's an idea/workshop kinda thing. When the thing does come out, it'll most likely be kind of.....scratchy. 'till then my mimiga! ~M.M.~
  3. MimigaMech

    Matt Story

    Dude, this was, like, his first game. Maybe it was practice, maybe he still needs to get into the swing. Dunno, but don't judge it so quickly. ~M.M.~