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  1. Team 9

    let's play: schism

    in case you haven't noticed, i'm a schism fanboy. so i decided to do a let's play: please let me know what you think!
  2. Team 9

    mods you'd like to see return

    well, exactly as it says. are there any dead mods you'd like to see being worked on again? personally, i'd like to see Schism: shattered timescapes be raised from the grave. i know this will never happen, as its creator is long gone. what's yours?
  3. Team 9

    anti virus issues

    i like CS mods, but my PC doesn't more specifically, kaspersky has an aneurism every time i open the EXE. it takes ages to get it to realize it's not plotting against me. what's causing this, and can it be solved?