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  1. TheMimigaZak

    Mod help

    yeah so i was thinking for honnor of my modds i would like about 2 or 3 people to help me with my mod tellme if u want to sing up for it!
  2. TheMimigaZak


    Yup that right im making mods~! this next one is called Wormhole im making it from scarth so thank you for reading this and if you have any ideas for my mods post here \/
  3. TheMimigaZak

    Mimiga Story

    So one day when i found out they where cave story mods i was mostly actteierd to the ones where the player was a mimiga. i did like king`s story by Noxid but TOO MUCH BLOOD! then i played mimiga army it was Great.But im not safisfied yet. Heres what i want 1. Of crouse an Uniice sprie of an...