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  1. kirbmanboggle

    Your glitch experiences

    EDIT:this is now a normal glitch thread Ever had any crazy glitches in cave story mess with the codeing and got some crazy half curly half kazuma creature,or simpley got the booster and skipped a bunch of story, share your expiriences here ^^ the first time i got the booster too early and it...
  2. kirbmanboggle

    please close

    this mod is turning into total s*** so please close this thread
  3. kirbmanboggle

    rp topic

    i'm thinking a special area for role-players i'd be a good suggestion i hope you consider it
  4. kirbmanboggle

    i need help

    okay so i wanna post a demo in the showcase buuuuttt i can't find a place to turn your folder into a zip so i can drop it in mediafire