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  1. Dabaski

    Modding Tutorials

    Videos that I randomly did teaching one how to mod cavestory. It may not deal with ASM hacking, but it starts you off with simple things.
  2. Dabaski

    How to make a cavestory mod from the 08-09 era

    Today i will show you how 2 maek a cavestory mod. 100% free no virus watch gud tutorial: I spent many many many seconds making this
  3. Dabaski

    Suicide Speedrun (Mod)

    Welcome to the Suicidal Speedrun Mod. This is a mod is a very difficult game where everything kills you. At a max HP at 1, you can see yourself die alot of times and not rage a whole lot. (Because I fixed that in later versions) I've already done a complete TAS on it for the latest version I...
  4. Dabaski

    My Modifications

    I've been working on a mod for a very long time now, and i've fixed most of the bugs. I have planned for a full on MAC port, but haven't received the demands to produce one. So for right now it's on the PC. Download Version 1.6 Via Dropbox...