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  1. RageTH

    Replacing music files in Cave Story+?

    I found many great remixes on YT (Especially Last Battle by LeafXCEED ºuº), and I wish to substitute the songs of CS+ by these awesome remixes! 8D Is it possible? >: [EDIT] Or atleast normal Cave Story without the ORG stuff >:
  2. RageTH

    +17 days at school

    I failed in 4 subjects, so I have 17 days to get the scores back so... yeah >_> It was fun being here with you guys, but I really have to get out of the computer for a little while, so see ya! <3
  3. RageTH

    Any ClaDun:This is an RPG / Cladun X2 players?

    I just started playing CDTIARPG, and it's awesome :3 So I was wondering if there are other players here, so we could share our builds, and maybe our character skins 8D
  4. RageTH

    Post a sample of your voice thread! ºuº

    I wanna HEAR** everyone's voices! >:3 Here's mine lawl o3o
  5. RageTH

    Cave Story - One More Chance/Miakid's Reign

    Hello, I'm new here, and I'd like to share an idea. It starts with my vision of a "bad ending", prior to the events of Cave Story. Quote, Arthur and Curly were battling the Killer Robots together, but things were bad. Quote ran out of energy, Arthur was captured and later executed, and Curly...