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  1. sirtophat

    Cave Story puns

    what happens when Quote gets pulled over?
  2. sirtophat

    NES Hacking

    Any of you around here do NES hacking? I've been starting on it somewhat, lately. 6502 assembly isn't too hard, and the tile editing's pretty easy with something like Tile Molester. I've been writing a script that inserts music into Kid Icarus if you write it in a text file in a format like A#5...
  3. sirtophat

    I'm mad

    it keeps HAPPENING
  4. sirtophat

    The Worst Cave Story Player in the World

  5. sirtophat

    Pony Story

    I am making a Cave Story mod named Pony Story where Quote finds his way into Equestria, that's all I'll specify right now because the rest would be spoilers. I do have the whole plot figured out though. I'll probably put some small things here once in a while. Progress: Starting area finished...
  6. sirtophat

    Chaco mod

    In this mod, you play as Chaco. It takes place a while before the original Cave Story. It explains where all of the strange, dangerous creatures on the island came from. Story I'll show: You wake up one day and realize that you might be late for the lunch you'd planned with Santa. You go...
  7. sirtophat

    Chaco is a mutant and/or alien

    Seriously, why is she so disproportionately terrifying .-. I didn't realize this until I drew her and then tried to draw her with the same proportions but more realistically, seen above (I know I forgot her left ear, I'll fix that with an actual scan tomorrow)