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  1. Hina

    Hina's box of stuff

    so after thinking about it for quite a long time, i've finally come to this decision; it's time to leave the modding scene for good. i've just got crazy summer plans now, and i'm becoming more and more busy with life, plus it's not even fun anymore. so... yeah. but it's not just an average "hey...
  2. Hina

    Polar Star & Fireball hacks [pre-made, ready to be applied]

    So I made some basic bullet hacks for new or lazy modders. They might be totally disfunctional, but I provided a video to show you how they work. 09-02-2015 - Added BL format for Polar Star hacks. 10-02-2015 - Added two Fireball hacks. The Polar Star [/spoiler] The Fireball [/spoiler]...
  3. Hina

    Haunted House Story - Reinforced - version 0.6

    Hello! To my surprise, this mod... is still alive. It's like it's haunting me. Bad jokes aside, it may get finished. The mod tells the story of Redgon Hash - a young adventurer who tries to explore the old haunted house and find the hidden treasure, and about his family, who also went to the...
  4. Hina

    Randolf's basic weapon hacking tutorials (7 weapons, so far)

    Instead of a video tutorial, I decided to make that with only pictures and text. Sorry to everyone who expected a video! OK, let's go. I'm using OllyDbg 1.10, and it's working fine for me. [hr] Machine Gun Maximum number of shots allowed on-screen. 0041E3E0 CMP EAX,4 Useful when you also...
  5. Hina

    Ask Randolf ANYTHING!

    Yep, it's here. Copying Bombchu is kinda interesting. Ask me anything, whether it be about life, my mods or anything really. The rules~ 1. No NSFW. You can technically post it, but expect no response. 2. Ask all kind of questions, and a lot of questions, too. 3. Post boring stuff, and you...
  6. Hina

    Tale of Dale - version 0.4 "Bloody Update" [updated 28/04/14]

    Tale of Dale current version: 0.4 Duncan Amarillo, a poison mage and Alita Evertide, a dark priestess formed an adventure team. Their first target was an old golden temple in the desert. However, it's full of traps and enemies. Will they succeed in their first mission? What waits for them...
  7. Hina

    Little Fighter NTF 4 Turbo

    Here's demo of my LF. Fighter NTF Demo.rar It's not finished yet but I think it is good. Mega-bump Here's some music I made for the full version. I used HipHopEjay2 and its samples, but I have used a lot of my own ones etc. Enjoy...
  8. Hina

    [MOD] Operation Delta - Space Attack 0.2

    Download version 0.2 OPERATION DELTA - SPACE ATTACK current version - 0.2 - 06.04.2013 a Cave Story mod by Randolf, also known as Mixer8421 or Wayne P.Meyers, a pilot of Delta Station, has to research the base of the enemies. He must fight his way through the entire space to get to the...
  9. Hina

    I hate you.

    You're not cool, awesome or wonderful at all.
  10. Hina

    Alphabet Soup

    The game is about food, we go like this: We will start with A A is for B is for C is for and then we go all the way to Z and we start over! I will start: A is for Apple
  11. Hina

    Which CS mod do you like at most?

    So yeah, I choose WTF Story. What is your opinion? Which mod is the best?
  12. Hina

    Nothing Story

    Inspired by this post: I made this mod. Download links: version 1.0 You are nobody, you are in nothing, you go through nothing. Btw, it's very short. Enjoy!
  13. Hina

    Why Quote is different from other robots?

    (If somebody doesn't know, I used the search bar) So why Quote isn't a killer robot, but he helps mimigas and other guys? And how did he lose his memories?
  14. Hina

    Haunted House Story 0.6

    Haunted House Story - aka HHs - my completely new mod. Current version: 0.6 Redgon Hash, an adventurer, comes to the Haunted House. He doesn't know there are no exit - he must defeat the evil creatures from the house. He must survive - or die. I've changed nearly all stuff from Cave Story -...
  15. Hina

    What's your favourite ​song?

    So what's your favourite song? Remember to give a link!!! Mine's Static X - All in Wait _RTt5nohzQM
  16. Hina

    What's your favourite music band?

    Mine's Static X. And yours?
  17. Hina

    Hero's Return (abandoned)

    Hero's Return Yes!!! Finally I've finished the demo of my mod. You can download it here:'s Return Demo It still can have some mistakes. Sorry for my simple music. So - have fun playing it!!! EDIT: A ZIP link...
  18. Hina

    We're counting to 1000

    For example: I'll start: 1 The next says: 2 Next: 3 etc. Ok. Let's go. 1
  19. Hina

    Everybody copies my signature.

    Is it that cool? I want to say: why? My sig is famous yeah oh yeah
  20. Hina

    How does the Booster 2.0 work?

    Well I haven't ever seen jetpacks which fly in all directions. Anyone has got something to say about it?
  21. Hina

    What does Quote eat?

    There was a thread about Balrog but I haven't seen a thread about Quote. Let's start\\\\\
  22. Hina

    Why Quote and Curly have an amnesia?

  23. Hina

    Something about you.

    Write something about you.
  24. Hina

    LF 2

    Do you play Little Fighter 2 or other LFs?
  25. Hina

    Forum NOT in English

    Write in lots of languages!!! Try to not write in English!!! Ok już nie piszę po angielsku. Piszcie po jakiemuśtam.