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  1. minecraftstorymodefan

    Cave Story Season 2

    Here it is, ABOUT: This is a Cave Story mod that takes place before and after the events of Crystal Crisis (im not sure if that is even canon anymore.) Most of this mod is inspired by Telltale Studios (mostly Minecraft Story Mode and Back To The Future.) BASIC PLOT: Episode 1: Quote, Misery...
  2. minecraftstorymodefan

    Why did Misery told Ballos to create the Demon Crown

    If there is any plothole in Cave Story, is why did Misery told Ballos to create the Demon Crown. My uncomfirmed theory Misery wants Ballos to create the crown because she wants other people to do her bidding, but instead, Ballos curses Misery forcing her to do the bidding of all who wore it...
  3. minecraftstorymodefan

    in need of a cave story prequel mod

    i want a cave story prequel mod but it better not be a bad mod and it goota has a ending where quote gets put in stasis for 10 years within start point and its gotta have a title screen that says cave story prequel
  4. minecraftstorymodefan

    i found a fan made half life 2 ep 3

    the plot of this fan game is amazing check it out its basically a indie game for a jam called epistle 3 jam and this earned 1st prize (its not a competition jam) its a visual novel i LOVE this game as i am treating it by the...
  5. minecraftstorymodefan

    gacha cave story pics

    so i recentley made quote misery balrog curly from gacha life old version of misery and balrog (quote and curly are finished.) finished versions of quote, misery, balrog and curly in gacha life they are hanging out in a cave
  6. minecraftstorymodefan

    quote x misery thread

    happy (late valentines) so i ship quote x misery there is a relationship going on so this thread is basically the place where you could talk about quote x misery they look so cute together so this is my fanart
  7. minecraftstorymodefan

    i want Agora's legends

    so i was walking down the forums and i saw this the thread has a link to the old download to agora's legends and the site is dead does someone has a dropbox/mediafire link
  8. minecraftstorymodefan

    cave story lore explained half life and portal takes place in the cave story universe

    ever since half life released we are trying to figure out the lore of the game and at 2004 cave story and half life 2 released and at 2011 portal 2 released now time to uncover the cave story lore once and for all but if you want to make your own timeline sure but be aware of these 13 things 1...
  9. minecraftstorymodefan

    is crystal crisis basically cave story 2

    i have been melting my hopes for a cave story 2 when we got crystal crisis i saw this trailer its about the red crystal what do you guys think