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  1. Omega

    Atlus parent company accused of fraud and swimming in debt So, what are your thoughts about this as well as the future of atlus? Honestly, if index folds Atlus will definitely be auctioned off. The question is, what...
  2. Omega

    Cavestory with lyrics Sorry guys, but i cant add the youtube tags.
  3. Omega

    Lucid dreaming

    Its pretty obvious what this thread is about. So before talking about lucid dreaming. I need to ask you guys about something. Thing is that im not a lucid dreamer and want to change that. I already know about WILD. But i have heard about simpler methods (developing a habit of performing reality...
  4. Omega

    Ask a dumb question.

    Well im a little bored right now so i thought,"why not make a forum game. The instructions are: 1. I will start the game by asking a dumb question. 2. Then the every person who posts from then on gives the most ridiculous answer that comes to mind, and makes another dumb question. I will...
  5. Omega

    MW3 or BF3

    So wich is better BF3 or MW3. In my oppinion (judging by the beta for BF3 and the full MW3 game) BF3 was much better.
  6. Omega

    Insult forum fighting.

    If you played the secret of monkey island you most likely know about the insult swordfighting. So thats what this is. Except we arent sword fighting. The way it works is that someone makes up an insult. And then some one else makes up a retort. Example: User 1: You fight like my grandmother...
  7. Omega

    Favorite Retro Final Fantasy Game

    So in commemoration of Final Fantasy day i am starting this poll to see what is your favorite retro Final Fantasy. Take Note: when giving your oppinion remakes do not count. Direct ports (straight ports with no new content) do. edit: Also i consider anything prior to the ps2,gamecube and gba...
  8. Omega

    The Bad Youtube users.

    While there exist many great people on youtube (clementj642,captain sparklez, chuggaconroy). We know that for every good youtube user there is a bad user. And after seeing videos such as veryinvalids rant on megaman 9 (To give you an example of the crap he says. "The game sucks because it uses...
  9. Omega

    Mario or sonic

    So who do you believe is the better character. Not just judging by games or nostalgia but counting every criteria there is.
  10. Omega

    Mobile Gaming

    Well the title of the thread says it all. In here we will discuss mobile games or recommend them.
  11. Omega


    Kyotokei is a nintendo hard 2d shooter that has many similarities to ikaruga (different polarities that serve to shield you from certain bullet types and change the type of bullets you fire, special shots used by wasting a whole bar gained by absorbing enough enemy bullets). I played the demo...
  12. Omega

    Mothers extreme methods of punishing her adopted child. This video here talks about a mother who rather than grounding her child normally actually tortures him by making him take baths with cold water and drinking hot sauce. She was discovered...
  13. Omega

    Super mario War

    Super Mario War, is a Super Mario fangame where instead of it being about rescuing a princess its about a pair of mario's facing off in different events such as king of the hill ,survival and so on. Now, the great thing about smw is that you can make custom skins,tilesets and maps for it...
  14. Omega

    Qubed Studios Qubed Studios is a group of people who are woking on special projects wich are well its kinda hard to describe but i guess cube style remakes of old nes games like Loz or metroid. You can download metroid cubed but for all the others you will need...
  15. Omega

    shooting game strategies and hints.

    So with the shmups tourney coming up i thought "why not make a thread to share strategies and hints for shooters". so my 2 hints are 1. in super c (arcade) at the first level pick up the spread some faqs say the crash is better but in my oppinion the spread is much better. 2. in guxt for...
  16. Omega

    most moments in a video game ever.

    C'mon there must have been one time you jumped down a pit in spelunky knowing the arrow trap would miss but that annoying snake bumped you up and got you killed (true story from the mossmouth forums) so what are you're most hilarius moments.
  17. Omega


    Open BOR (beats of rage) is an open source (is that the term) streets of rage fangame. Since it is open source people have been making many mods for it most of the wich are based thing's like final fight,double dragon or get this Sailor moon. You're gonna have to...
  18. Omega

    some new game.

    In this game bassically one guy says the name of a character then the other says the first thing that comes to mind and posts another character. ill start. Curly.
  19. Omega

    im going to stream NOW.

    I know voyce made a thread but i have 2 reasons for not using that one: 1. i didnt think it would be nice of me to talk about a stream im making in his thread. 2. his is about CS im going to stream different games. so ill start a stream in a few seconds. ill link it after i set up everything
  20. Omega

    Video game themed merchandise.

    Once upon a time a man naming himself omega stumbled upon the website thinkgeek and upon exploration of the site was fascinated by they're video game themed merchandise such as an E-Tank (megaman) themed mug ( or minecraft...
  21. Omega

    new law that will prohibit the streaming of games if passed. How far will the gov's go? Basically the government is trying to pass a law that will ban the streaming of any video game (fighting game tourneys,lp's) and are trying to turn it into a criminal law. A law that even if the...
  22. Omega

    Games just dodged a major bullet. if they had been able to suceed alot of us would have been screwed (i mean come on a lot of games we play are rated Mature)
  23. Omega

    steam usernames

    With the addition of free to play games on steam it has recently become more popular and visited by members of these forum's (especcially with the addition of TF2 as free to play) so i have made this thread so we can share our usernames so we can befriend each other over there. my username is...
  24. Omega

    video game commercials

    so show off you're favorite video game commercial's if there is already a thread for this (wich i doubt because i used the search function in this area of the forums) then please notify me and feel free to delete or combine this thread. d15qmRzn2Pc
  25. Omega

    sonic day

    well its sonic day the day when my favorite video game series was born. So discuss