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    Official CSTSF Thanksgiving Modcon 2017

    welcome to the you know the drill. make mods go do it. Rules 1. Fuck the rules 2. Turkey/thanksgiving themed Judges 1. me relaxing modcon to just do whatever man and have fun. no prizes no rules just right deadline is november 6 2018
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    Cave Story Tribute Site Forums Super Modcon 2017 Deluxe (CSTSFSMC2017Dx)

    yooooo this was hilarious and not happening
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    The Adventurer's Forest 3: Alternate Fantasia

    Alright, so Dunc and I have been planning this for a lo~ong time. A long time. It's been top secret and we've spent a lot of work on it. So finally we will begin the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy of forum games with TAF3:AF(RE:RCh2Ch3Br)R the game the forum the movie. Rules Story...
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    Is Balrog eternal?

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    How is Balrog?

    I've been thinking on this for awhile, and it doesn't look like any threads explain this well. How is Balrog? Is he great? Or simply okay? Maybe even in a moderate state of discontent. I feel like there is a lot of discussion that can come from this topic.
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    problems with view new content

    The view new content feature hasn't been working for me lately. It hasn't shown any new threads for the past few days. I don't know if it's on my end or not, but I thought I'd make it known.
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    Cave Story - 4.13th Ending (1.0.1)

    I'm sure most of you have heard and/or played HaydenStudio's fourth ending mod. If you haven't then go play it, it's pretty great. This mod is similar to his, adding on a totally new ending to the game. You can even play the original game if you want! Neat. I hope you'll forgive my lack of...
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    Disabling [hide]

    Seriously, this thing is just a pain in the ass. It is literally identical in function to the spoiler tag, and is a bitch to deal with on phones and the like. I used to be able to copy-paste the text into a notepad program on my phone, but now it transfers highlight colour so I can't even do...
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    Recent Windows 7 Issues (August 2014)

    I've been having a lot of problems with my computer. It's a Toshiba laptop with WIndows 7 installed. I've found out that there have been some buggy updates lately from Microsoft for Windows 7 that cause problems such as blue screens of death et cetera. However, apparently they also removed the...
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    I figured I'd make an official thread for this. It'll probably help explain some stuff I guess. Link here --> - What It Is - A Korean sidescroller mmorpg that focuses around killing monsters and gaining levels while working through an overarching story. Which I...
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    i'm doors

    i was asked to make this thread g fucking g hayden
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    Ame's Kissing Booth (Profile Editor)

    Just what it says on the tin. AKB for short. Download Link I've created a nifty little program for profile editing, which will eventually encompass most if not all of the properties of the Kero Blaster profile. Hell, if I get far enough with this, I might even make it compatible for Cave...
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    CS Vanilla - Reordered Map List

    I've been recently trying to mod, and I've grown to hate the organization of the game. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but in any case I've created a few mini-mods to change the map order to something simpler (praise god for Booster's Lab). All three organization types Chronological...
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    Cave Story Tribute Site Forums Forum Cave Story Hell Mod Contest

    CSTSFFCSHMC for short. The submission period is over but there's only been like two entries so i kind of forgot/got lazy/was busy eating pizza pops so the voting period will be extended to April 12th and begins today. You can vote through the newly added poll. Here are the mod submissions...
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    bad cookies

    Not mocking any other threads or anything, but this sounds fun Maybe someone can make bad cookies from recipes and sacrifice their well-being for us anonymous forum members Here goes: MALCOOKIE Ingredients 1 cup softened butter 1 cup salt 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons vanilla extract 2 eggs 3 cups...
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    Spoos spass spezz We don't have a spess thread and this needs to be remedied Spess is slang for Space Station 13. Wait no. Space Station 13 is slang for Spess. The game is basically a simulator of a space station (a really shitty one). You don't win, you just do really fucked up things and...
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    Requests/Commissions Advertisement Thread

    This may be a good idea or a horribly bad one. It seems like a place to advertise our work would be helpful though. Here's the idea: a member advertises their talents, such as art or programming or storywriting or whatnot (likely with examples of their work), and others can request work from...
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    On the Subject of Censoring Words

    [9:13:51 AM] Thomas Polese: We totally need a bad word filter like that on the CSTSF. [9:14:01 AM] Thomas Polese: Or just for overused words in general [9:14:01 AM] Doors: we do [9:14:13 AM] Doors: there's a censor for hoodwink isn't there [9:14:18 AM] Doors: oh what we should do [9:14:26 AM]...
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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    So I've recently gotten into this game (isabelle is the most adorable character ever) and I thought it would be cool to share some towns. I haven't played very far so I don't really know the mechanics behind visiting other towns but I'm guessing we'd need to exchange friend codes? Mine is...
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    Relics from the Past (fuck me i'm in a dramatic mood)

    I've noticed in my brief lurking that there are a lot of different people that used to be frequent flyers. Roonil Wazlib, Freezit... It's kind of spooky reading through conversations between all of these people. How they gradually disappear. And it's weird to think that it'll happen to us...
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    Adding a Skill Testing Question to the Login Process

    Because god knows we need more twelve year olds on the forums But anyway I've been thinking about this, and I've been wondering if it's possible to add such a thing to the login process - something involving a simple sentence with places to fill in the blanks, preferably involving the three...
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    Finally, as Noxid's tyranny has come to an end, we must have a new forum deity leader overlord mascot. It cannot just be any normal being, or even a furry. This task requires the work of a double furry. I present to you the PROGRESS demon in full form. SUBMIT
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    .pxt Help Making a Specific Sound

    So I've been fooling around with CTone, and I tried to create a sound for my mod that sounds like someone's being wounded. Something like this. I have this so far, but I wanted to know if anyone could give me some help with getting it at least a little closer to how the .wav file sounds?
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    I've missed you Never leave again Play TAFC3 with us
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    Invincibility during events

    I want my character to be able to be hurt while an event is running (at my discretion, I don't want the character to always be non-invincible during events). Is there any way to achieve this?