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  1. YoshiPilot

    (Video) How to play Cave Story+ on an M1 Mac

    If you have tried to play Cave Story+ on a Mac before, you know that that version is beyond broken. In fact, after apple dropped support for 32-bit apps, it became unplayable. So I made this video showing you how to play the game on a modern Mac in 2021
  2. YoshiPilot

    PS1 Classic

    Welp, Sony copies Nintendo again. Don’t think I’ll be buying thing thing, and comes with 20 games I’m not even interested in. Also, the graphics haven’t aged that well. There’s also the fact that it has less games than the snes classic, (which had an unreleased game in it) and it costs $20 more...
  3. YoshiPilot

    Sub 2 Minutes in Hell has been achieved.

    You might be thinking about how I recently posted a new PB speed run on my youtube channel, and are thinking, "Wow, Yoshi, you beat the world record!" But I haven't. I posted the speedrun and was thinking, "Huh maybe I could beat the WR?" so I looked up the speed run to see if I could pick up...
  4. YoshiPilot

    The Cave Story preservation thread

    Cave story is a mostly digital game, which means that preserving every version can be hard, especially when some versions approach 10 years old. First let's go over version that are very easy to preserve: 1. Cave Story 3D and Cave Story+ (Switch) These were released physically, so the only way...
  5. YoshiPilot

    NES Classic on June 29 Thread

    I was able to pick one up at Best Buy! Ships July 20th. Don't do Gamestop, it sells out in 3 seconds there.
  6. YoshiPilot

    The Future of Cave Story on Mac.

    Welp, It's happening. In the 2019 version of macOS, 32 bit apps will no longer be able to run. This poses many problems, particularly Steam and lots of mac games. However, today I'll focus on Cave Story. I don't know if you know, but freeware Cave Story is 32 bit. This makes sense, as it was...
  7. YoshiPilot

    NEWS: NICALiS Crossover Game Crystal Crisis Announced for Nintendo Switch

    The most ambitious NICALiS crossover game since the last one.
  8. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Beta Images

    Was browsing reddit, and found this post on r/cavestory: Thought it was interesting. If we could get some translation of the text, that would be great. Link:洞窟物語のウラガワのウラガワ・過去作品補足編/
  9. YoshiPilot

    Kero Blaster Physical

    Limited run games launched a physical version of Kero Blaster. If you want it, get it now.
  10. YoshiPilot

    Curly Brace in Blade Strangers

    Old news at this point but the NICALiS teases thread is getting off topic so I’m creating this one.
  11. YoshiPilot

    A new category for Kero Blaster boss rush

    Was recently going for the High scores page, and saw that the WR uses a weapon not included in the iOS version: In fact it's used to completely skip the truck boss. So, I propose a NEW category for the iOS version of the game. In fact, I have my own for you to use: Yeah, it kinda sucks, it's...
  12. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story+ For Nintendo Switch (Japan)

    So I was browsing twitter and saw this It shows the physical version of CS+ with the keychain and all that, along with new box art. The thing that intrigues me is the manual. It appears to show Toroko demonstrating the bitter cartridge and...
  13. YoshiPilot

    NICALiS Teases

    So nicalis tweeted this: What do you guys think it means? I think it means quote for blade strangers.
  14. YoshiPilot

    Favorite game of 2017?

    Thread for what you GOTY of 2017 was. Mine was BOTW. Recommend to all wii u and switch owners.
  15. YoshiPilot

    Why does everyone hate the NICALiS ports?

    Like, this forum seems to have a lot of hate for all of NICALiS's ports. Like, what's wrong with them? Pixel wanted the game to be 60fps, but couldn't due to limitations. Also, the translation isn't that bad. Most hate it because it's not what everyone is used to. EDIT: Apparently it wasn't...
  16. YoshiPilot

    Fix the "Pointless Double Post" rule

    Recently, I got hit with a warning about a pointless double post that I made here: Now, don't get me wrong, the double post rule is necessary. But, I feel like the "Pointless" part of the double post needs to...
  17. YoshiPilot

    Let’s Face it, the Mac version is the best freeware version.

    So, you might be confused as to what I mean. The Mac version is the same as the windows version, right? Wrong. Let me explain. 1. The Mac version lets you switch between 240p to 480p and full screen without closing. 2. Activating the FPS counter is a lot easier. 3. It actually scans for game...
  18. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Running Slow in Virtual Machine

    I'm a mac user, and I want to play Cave Story Mods and Ikachan, so I got VMware, and Installed windows 10 (because it's free) and CS and Ikachan Run REALLY slow. unplayably slow. My VM isn't underpowered, it can run games like cuphead and minecraft just fine, but it struggles with CS and Ika...
  19. YoshiPilot

    What kind of member am I?

    Ok, I don’t know if this is the place to put this, but what member am I? On my phone it says I’m a neophyte member, on my computer it says I’m a junior member, and on my other computer I’m a senior member. Just wondering, what am I listed as to any of you? I’m kind of confused right now.
  20. YoshiPilot

    Is It Illegal To Distribute The Nemesis and Machine Gun Challenge Files?

    So, I'm a mac user, and I have mac CS+ running, but nicalis never gave the nemesis and machine gun challenges to the mac version. I want to take the files add them to the game like any other mod. Can someone give me those? Is that Illegal?
  21. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Miiverse Archived

    At The Cave Story Miiverse is pretty much fully archived. Miiverse shuts down on 11/7/17 so it is important that this get archived. I also got a bit of the ikachan community...
  22. YoshiPilot

    Favorite Remix?

    Ok, so your probably about to comment about how redundant this thread is. There already are many polls about song remixes. Those have 3 options, but 2 more have since been added. So I want to know, what is your favorite soundtrack?
  23. YoshiPilot

    Azarashi iOS

    So, as of iOS 11, azarashi on iOS no longer works. It’s sad. Do you think pixel has any intention on updating it?