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  1. Giegue

    Cave Story Blade Mod

    Just give the mod creator a Personal Message.
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    Low-Impact Secrets Thread

    The other day I realized being physically picked on by my much older sister has left a mark on my patience for physical strength. Weird, yet embarrassing. I also have a fear of being stupid. Worse than the world blowing up. :greydroll:
  3. Giegue

    Most emotional/sad video game moments

    Not alot of games really hit me hard. 1. Mother 3 2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and Sky Cave Story wasn't really THAT emotional. If more time was put in to Curly, it would have been quite sad. Attachment to characters is how you get emotion from the player. But Cave Story was pretty sad...
  4. Giegue

    Karma System

    This system could also create a massive incline in alternate accounts. Voting up the thread and getting +karma is an easy way to deceive people
  5. Giegue

    The Powder Toy

    I like Powder Toy, but its community is mostly unable to create something or even an idea that is original. The inventions get repetitive fast
  6. Giegue

    Why should I care about your opinion? Do you think that I will stop doing something because...

    Why should I care about your opinion? Do you think that I will stop doing something because someone does not like it?
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    CS3D Glitch

    Well, I meant that it took a flawless, almost glitchless game and made it breakable. The physics and engine operate very similarly to eachother, so I see little reason how that happened. Pokemon had glitches, but not three times your intended max health glitches
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    Positivity Thread

    I have discovered telekinesis is possible and I'm going to see how many blood vessels I can bust! In all seriousness, I am skeptic that it is possible, but my mind is not capable of such feats. I am hoping this is real, although the most man can accomplish is small, simple acts. EDIT: Not...
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    Indifference Thread

    I can't decide on my Pokemon team in White 2. I'm also confused about what I'm going to do once I get out of school and my parents house, But I'll get to that when it comes.
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    CS3D Glitch

    There are too many glitches in CS3D to not cringe. I don't see where something stable can be transformed into a glitch-polluted thing just by making it look much better.
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    You bet I'm a Mother Fan. I actually would not know of Cave Story without the theory of Cave...

    You bet I'm a Mother Fan. I actually would not know of Cave Story without the theory of Cave Story being a distant sequel to Earthbound. However, I don't fully buy that theory.
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    At your service!

    At your service!
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    Cave Story Challenge!

    Well can't you just take the hit from the purple critter and jump off of it? I think it only does 2 damage. This sounds like it has been done before, only slightly harder. Now, the real challenge is Bubbler only. We've all been tried it.
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    Negativity Thread.

    Let's see... Well I have a cold and the weather is terrible where I'm at. I also lack any artistic skill. Those 2 things have been hitting me hard lately, but other than that I'm fine.
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    Video Game Book Club for People

    That seemed to be an okay game. It reminds me alot of Ratchet & Clank, given the upgrade and gameplay style. It has weapon balance issues and jumping feels a little stiff. But those can be ironed out by the time the game is finished.
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    Top 10 Favorite Videogame Weapons

    10. Boomerang (Mother 1) 9. Spread Gun (Contra) 8. Fusion Rocket Launcher (Red Faction 1) 7. Bomb (Kirby) 6. Plasma Caster (Fallout) 5. Power Bomb (Metroid) 4. PSI Freeze Omega (Earthbound) Due to the ability to NOT fuck with the Devil Machine and kill someone. 3. Cursed Flame (Terraria) 2...
  18. Giegue

    What did you dream about last night?

    My dream was having Slenderman as an integrated member of society. He shook my hand but did not talk. It was not really creepy until I realized I was dreaming. Upon that point, I struck a man with lightning and everything got loud and fuzzy. Somehow my dream ends when my alarm goes off.