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  1. half-life213

    Long Time, No See!

    That's some spoopy shit.
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    The "No Shitposting" Game

    Dam bro, I remember doing that when I played the game. Dam bro, I remember doing that when I played the game.
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    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    I've been meaning to play that game, is it any good?
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    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    When I talk to my friends about this game, I call it "that game where I killed my hot robot girlfriend repeatedly, and had to restart". So that's where I stand on this whole thing. But as far as I'm concerned, they were built for/to compliment eachother, without the other, either would...
  5. half-life213

    Which character do you think should get their own game?

    Normally I'd say "A second game for Quote", so, I guess I'll just say that. On the topic of Arthur, I've always seen it as he was more the precursor to King, rather than Quote, where he was the bravest warrior, and he died trying to (and to mild success) saving the village from some threat...
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    Who is the best waifu in Cave Story?

    This forum is my waifu. jk she's my side bitch. Nah my waifu is Misery.
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    Cave Story, the movie?

    Thank you Coffee! What a dear this one is. On the topic: Cave Story would make an awful movie, no matter what you did it would probably end up cheesy. Because it's a story that would last 6-8 hours, with dialogue and non-rushed expositions. That's why it'd make a better animated TV or...
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    Cave Story, the movie?

    Oh crap, I think I missed last year's, awards, can I get a link?
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    Cave Story, the movie?

    Someone Nominate this for the Thread awards. I would, but to start, I don't know what they're called, and I'm also a filthy regular.
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    Cave Story Anniversary Picture

    Wowee, that's a pretty rad picture dawg.
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    Cave Story, the movie?

  12. half-life213


    necropost. I pair that one-blade-of-grass x sanhaime And Noxid x That guy who was banned 4-6 months ago, I think his name was gibberish x Noxid's Banhammer Also Quote x Curly.
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    Some guy has ripped off Cave Story and is making money from it

    To be honest when I first read this thread title, I assumed you guys were talking about Nicalis.
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    On top of the Island?

    Also, note how the outerwall's really on the right side, but the inaccurate af map put's it on the same side of the tower
  15. half-life213

    Martini symbol?

    "You were never seen again"
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    I find it hard to believe that a sentimental robot like Quote would just give up if he landed on the surface, he'd steal a helicopter, or make a plane out of birds, a paperclip and a piece of string, you know, RPG stuff.
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    Was the house built when culry woke up?

    I don't know what these douchebags are talking about, he asked about culry not curly, jesus cristo... But yes, it was. She was extremely backed up and holed up in the bar trying to get drunk enough to take on the entire group of colons
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    Machine gun trade?

    I always assumed it was part crush and part guilt.
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    It's assumed he takes damage from the Outer Wall Fall (Rhyme) and also because he's a bamf, he doesn't take damage, but if he did take damage every time he muffed up a landing, he'd have taken a lot of damage, especially assuming that he's time-skipped back down outside of the castle because he...
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    I don't think the impressive part of Omega is how it jumps up 10-20 feet in the air, but the fact that it can land those jumps perfectly without any damage, robots aren't very good at landings. *Coughquotecough*
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    When did Arthur fight the Red Demon?

    That's because the only significance it has is that his house is what the humans built the portal in, Arthur ate Red Flowers and went after the Red Demon because it was the only way he could protect the village from it, he scared it back into the Last Cave, injured or not, and died in the fight...
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    When is Cave Story?

    @Andy, Ahh, that slipped my mind, BUT, it does make sense that all this takes place in the Middle-East, because soldiers were deployed there, and the island has to be at the equator for assumption #3 to work, and Middle Eastern lands are currently the scapegoat, so I wouldn't say that it's set...
  23. half-life213

    Why does Quote wake up in the Start Point?

    Are you guys seriously on this? Let me solve this for you, Pixel needed an area that was separate from the large intimidating main caves, so he made the First Cave, which is a relatively simple, straight forward map. AKA, MOVIE MAGIC, BABY!. THERE, SLASH THREAD.
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    When is Cave Story?

    Well, if it were to be in our dimension, it'd have to be far enough in the future for three things: 1. Rabbits become Bipedal creatures. 2. Chunks of land to leave earth yet be trapped in earths gravity well 3. Humanity inventing robots that weaponize incredibly hightech weaponry. There's a...
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    Proper Balrog Backstory.

    I kinda assumed Balrog was a First Generation (Of the three generations we see) robot, followed by second generation (Blues and Malco), and third generation (Quote and Curly) The thing is, if Balrog was a first generation robot, he'd need to be made out of some seriously tough material...