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  1. Sue Donim

    Kanpachi Awards 2014

    Well no, I am not organizing this. Just wanted to make a thread discussing its possible creation. Does anyone even want to do this? Was this year at all important or special? Did we even have anyone notorious? It seems we have stopped caring this year. At least, the old members who used to run it.
  2. Sue Donim

    Porn Story

    Due to a recent rise in the popularity of NSFW cave story modifications, I have set out to make my own pornographic cave story game. Its name: Porn Story. It will play much like the original cave story, but at certain points in the game, the player will be able to start "porn events", which will...
  3. Sue Donim

    Profile Feed Spam

    yo so i think there should be a rule against spamming in the profile feed. i know a few members don't even know how to view profile feed or care, but some of us actually enjoy looking at it and stalking peoples messages. it's not as important as forum spam but it's still rather annoying and...
  4. Sue Donim

    it's time to shut it down

    I think it's time the forums came to an end. Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous. The lot of you are rolling your eyes and saying "Ugh them again?". But just hear me out. There's has been a major degrade in these forums in the past year or so. Obvious complaints are that Cave Story's...
  5. Sue Donim

    Discourage/Ban Religious Discussion

    Yes hello friends it is I, WD. That one bitch who likes to complain and ruin everyone's fun. And guess what time it is again? Ahem. As most of you know, these past few months have been plagued with a lot of religious arguments. And absolutely none of it ends well. I know the internet is very...
  6. Sue Donim

    Getting rid of Cat

    No, I'm pretty serious about this. I know cat started off as a joke or whatever but it's getting somewhat annoying. Ever since it was implemented there have been at least 4 threads asking what it means. And if it stays, every new member is going to ask what it means. It causes nothing more than...
  7. Sue Donim

    WD's Crafty Cave Story Stuffs

    Hello friends. I've been trying to find things to do with my time while at the same time earning some money for my crippling heroin addiction. So I thought, what better way than to make and sell stuff that might appeal to my friends or people on the internet?! :chin: I began whipping up little...
  8. Sue Donim

    Which games' graphics do you dislike?

    Time to bring some negativity into this place, buwahaha. Which games have graphics that makes you hurt to look at? Keep in mind, you can still like the game. For example: I love the Tales RPG series, but a lot of the time the graphics and animations make me want to cry (Symphonia especially...
  9. Sue Donim

    my new mod story :)

    so i was thinking of making a mod earlier today. it was gonna be about curlys past and i thought id be a good idea since nobody realy knows??? but then you can switch to different characters in the middle of the game and learnabout them. its kind of gonna be like heavy rain is there a way i can...
  10. Sue Donim

    Expanding your horizons?

    Recently, my best friend picked up the Dead Space series and fell in love with it. So much that he got through the first 2 in less than 2 weeks and just bought the 3rd yesterday, which he's already decently far into. Before this, he'd mostly play car games, Soul Calibur, and occasionally...
  11. Sue Donim

    Positivity Thread

    Well American Thanksgiving is coming up. I thought we could take a moment and reflect on the positive aspects of our life, no matter how small. I mean, it's good to vent, but it's also helpful to remember how good we actually have it. So, let's be happy! I can't believe me of all people is...
  12. Sue Donim

    My feelings towards you are ambivalent.

    :/ (I'm sorry I made this don't hurt me)
  13. Sue Donim

    Gallery uploading issues

    I've been trying to upload pictures to my gallery albums, but 9/10 times it gives me this It worked randomly earlier, but just to let me upload a single photo. Then it was back to the screen above. Anyone else having this issue?
  14. Sue Donim

    Cat month

    Yeah yeah I know it's still June shut up all of you. Tomorrow marks the first day of cat month! And I know how much we all love our feline friends. So yeah. Uhh, post about cats or something.
  15. Sue Donim

    Execution Chamber

    Y'know, that building in grasstown with the presses inside. What is that place doing there? I always thought the mimigas were a peaceful race that wouldn't do such things like that. I'm a bit fuzzy on Cave Story's story and if the doctor actually went to herb village, but perhaps it was designed...
  16. Sue Donim

    Today is Hug Your Cat Day

    Well some sites say it's sometime in June but who cares. So uhh..make sure to hug your feline friends and give them sweet tender lovin!
  17. Sue Donim

    Misery's name???

    I just wonder, who would name their child Misery? Jenka couldn't have known she would become the way she is today, so why give your child such an emo and evil name? Maybe it's not her real name and she changed it due to a teenage phase and wanted to rebel against society because she's ttly...
  18. Sue Donim

    The Well- Wild Desu

    Uh, hi. So yeah. I'm at the bottom of the well, and you guys ask me stuff, yadda yadda. Most of you already know this but: I'm a soon-to-be 19 year old who is unemployed, not in college, and lives at home. I'm moving rather slowly in life and just TAKING IT EASY along the way. I have bad...
  19. Sue Donim

    Necrobumping/Thread creation

    I noticed that there has been an issue lately with thread creation. Basically: new person makes a thread that already exists, mods get mad and merge. But it's sort of a lose-lose situation for the member too. If they were to necrobump a thread, they get slapped with a warning and more bitching...
  20. Sue Donim

    Which games have you put the most hours into?

    This doesn't necessarily mean "What game has taken you the longest to beat", but rather "What games were you so in love with that you wasted hours/days of your precious life on them?" I don't play video games much anymore, so most of the stuff I put the most hours into are old. I believe those...
  21. Sue Donim

    Which Elements of Harmony fit you best?

    What do you think, gaiz? I think I have the elements of: Laughter, Loyalty, and Honesty the most o: Laughter: I love funny stuff, and when something bad happens, I try to get laughter out of it. Just like all the terrible threads and posts that have been made lately. I don't get mad, I just...
  22. Sue Donim

    What does pixel do in his spare eating time?

    Hav u ever wondered that, guyz? Maybe he eats migmas?????? :momo::critter:
  23. Sue Donim

    2nd Power Outage of the Year!

    Oh hi guys! I am posting this thread from a friend's house. Over the weekend, we had a small snow storm in Massivetwoshits. Mind you, it wasn't the good snow. It was sticky, wet, and clung to the trees. Oh yeah, it was October too, so there were obviously still leaves on them which weighed them...
  24. Sue Donim

    I just wanted to say

    I love you all so much!
  25. Sue Donim

    My shirt smells wonderful

    And it's lasting forever and ever