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  1. Wedge of Cheese

    IAMA Wedge of Cheese, molding away in the bottom of a well - AMA

    So it looks like all the "official" wells are over (unless you count Lace's) but nobody seems to mind me continuing the well tradition, so here goes. I will answer any question to the best of my ability, however difficult and/or personal it may be, so don't hold anything back. Just know that...
  2. Wedge of Cheese

    A World Divided - the award-winning novel by JJ "Wedge of Cheese" Treadway

    Noxid was rather preoccupied as he strolled alone down the mountain path that led back to his home. He usually avoided taking this route home, because there was an oddly sloped section, and he was terrified of slipping off of it and falling to his death in the canyon below. Today, however...
  3. Wedge of Cheese

    Aslan's Song I'm DiamondSoul btw.
  4. Wedge of Cheese

    What are the top three advice animals that describe you best?

    #1: #2: #3: (couldn't find one without text, and memegenerator wouldn't let me make one without text).
  5. Wedge of Cheese

    Is this not the most adorable thing ever?
  6. Wedge of Cheese

    A polarizing nerd question

    Which is better?
  7. Wedge of Cheese

    Music, Theories, and Technical Issues use CS Dark, but all others use argh my eyes

    They should all use argh my eyes by default methinks.
  8. Wedge of Cheese

    Stress Relief - a minimod Yup, I'm back, and, unfortunately, I don't have that story I promised y'all. Never fear, the story is still in the works and will be finished eventually, but I didn't want my return to be totally anticlimactic, so I made this minimod! You ever have...
  9. Wedge of Cheese

    The Book of Cheese

    In the land of Intaroweb there lived a people, and this people called themselves the Cavstorians, but behold, they were a wicked people, committing all manner of whoredoms, and it came to pass that no longer did they humble themselves before the Lord their God. So great was the grief of the Lord...
  10. Wedge of Cheese

    32 character story time

    I like these "story time" threads (i.e. 3 word, one sentence) so let's do another one. You add exactly 32 characters to the story. Remember, a newline counts as TWO characters, unless you're using mac or linux. Nobody was quite sure what to mak
  11. Wedge of Cheese

    The obscure joke thread

    even if you capitalize nothing else, you must capitalize the end of the xD emoticon, because, if you don't, it would just be xd, and that doesn't make sense unless you put some barbecue sauce in the middle.
  12. Wedge of Cheese

    Arctic Spaceman One of my friends' page for music he makes; thought I'd give it a mention. It's technically not game music, but it's of a style that it very easily could be.
  13. Wedge of Cheese

    God Rest Ye Silent Angels

    As some of you may know (or at least have guessed) I am not finishing my Christmas mod today as I had said earlier, but am instead planning on releasing small updates to the mod each Christmas until it's finished (no promises on when that will be) and using whatever modding time I have in the...
  14. Wedge of Cheese

    The weirdest outfit ever

    Come up with the strangest combination of clothing you can. They don't have to be actual articles of clothing, but they have to be something physically possible to wear (no 50 ton weights on your head).
  15. Wedge of Cheese

    The official "I believe [x] is a Supreme Being" thread.

    Where [x] is a Cave Story character. Of course there's the whole Kanpachi thing, then in the Kanpachi threads there were some theories about Chinfish, then IIRC there was some claim about Booster having some sort of deity-esque qualities a while ago, and now this Mahin thread. I personally...
  16. Wedge of Cheese

    The most frustrating game ever My highscore is about 5 meters...
  17. Wedge of Cheese


    You know how in Cave Story, black is rendered as transparent? Well I'm having a problem where colors that are almost black but not quite (i.e. #010101) are also being rendered as transparent. And it ONLY happens in TWoR. At first I thought the images files had been corrupted, and that the...
  18. Wedge of Cheese

    I hereby declare October 29 to be International Noxid Is A Sexy Beast Day

    Let's change that shall we? Happy INIASBD everyone!! ;) In honor of this joyous occasion, I have made a token of tribute for our very own sexy beast.
  19. Wedge of Cheese


    This is a really fun game. It works better IRL, but I'mma see if I can get it to work on a forum. ==RULES== Each round should have approximately 5-15 participants, and preferably an odd number, but even works too. When the "current status" is "recruiting participants", post in this thread...
  20. Wedge of Cheese

    Orgs in Java

    So I made a thingy in case there are any Java programmers out there interested in giving their Java programs the ability to play *.org files. Java organya player Source code This version is hopefully final. Also, I figure I might as well post this here for convenience: Notes on Organya...
  21. Wedge of Cheese

    There is no problem that can't be solved by...

    ...more cowbell. Rate the previous person's post, and post one of your own.
  22. Wedge of Cheese


    Looks like whoever made this is a Cave Story fan, and one with little respect for intellectual property >_>
  23. Wedge of Cheese

    Breaking News!

    That was a while ago; why was I not informed until now?
  24. Wedge of Cheese

    List of banned members thread

    I've noticed it's stopped being updated. I really think it should continue to be updated (with list of banned members, ban durations, and reasons) partly to keep the mods/admins honest, and partly so the rest of us aren't all like "lolwut" every time someone is banned.
  25. Wedge of Cheese

    i will be away for 12 <insert unit of time here>

    And now I'm back. I really missed you guys <3