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  1. OmegaFoxie

    Question regarding XM playback (Org2XM)

    Since I can't rely on the Winamp / Foobar plugins for Org to Wav conversion, recording in audacity is too tedious for me, and I'm not the kind of person to just download conversions made by others, I'm gonna go with Org > Xm > Wav So my question is what is the optimal player and settings to...
  2. OmegaFoxie

    [Obsolete, please delete] Drag & Drop Script for Org2XM v1.0

    Update: Edited the title so it's atleast 75% less vague. This is for people that want a proper and easy way to convert your .org files to .xm modules. If you just wanna convert your tracks straight to .wav I recommend you to use the Foobar2000 component. More specifically, Org2XM 1.0 (I'll...