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  1. Noxid


    1000 years ago... Hello Penguin 2 arrived, and changed everything you thought a video game was. Now, we've gone back to the source and rebuilt 2 from the ground up to bring you HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD New Graphics, New Sounds, New Characters. Experience 2 the way it was meant to be - Less Shitty...
  2. Noxid

    Treasure Islands - Dolla Dolla Billz edition

    Voted "hottest shit" of modcon 2017, it's back and better than ever. And by better, I mean I finally managed to fix a few lingering bugs that prevented me from making an official release of this mod. The new build should be more stable, and compatible with most versions of Windows I hope. If...
  3. Noxid

    Valentine's Day 2018

    Happy Valentine's Day CSTSF! Did you have a special day today? did you say thank you to your friends? are you planning to hoard discount chocolate over the next week? tell me about your experiences with this, the most controversial of holidays. For all its flaws I still love the CSTSF and all...
  4. Noxid

    Hacks 4 Gold

    I'm hard up for cash and want to buy a new graphics card. Want some hot ASM for your mod, but don't know a bit from a byte? I can probably hack it. Prices: - $10 for a small hack - $20 for a medium hack I won't do anything I consider "large" or "impossible". Details: You supply me with a set...
  5. Noxid

    GUXT modding information

    Hey there As you may or may not know, GUXT is the top-down shoot them up game made by Pixel in 2007. So far, to my knowledge, nobody has ever managed to mod it. But I don't think it should be too hard - all the data files are right there, in Pixel's signature style. So I might pick it apart and...
  6. Noxid

    CSTSF Starbound server

    Hey everyone If you don't know already, Starbound 1.0 recently was released. I'll be hosting a server for anyone that wants to join and yiff until I get bored of it or people stop using it. You can join by connecting to, default port. No password currently but I may add one if...
  7. Noxid

    A Machine for Cats

    not to be confused with a machine for pigs i've been trying to get this together for a long time now but finally all the stars have aligned, and I've produced my very own Automatic Cat Feeding Device. Basically what this does, is dispense small amounts of cat food at measured intervals to...
  8. Noxid

    Valentine's Day 2016

    Happy Heart Day ya bastards
  9. Noxid

    Spess: Again

    hey nerds it's been a long time since i've played SS13, long enough even that I've forgotten how miserable and hateful fun the game really is. I was wondering if I set up a server for a game sometime in January how many people would be willing to play with me. what is SS13??? SS13, or Space...
  10. Noxid

    Robot arms

    So think about robot arms. I played deus ex 4 a while back and in that game you play as a guy who was born with regular arms like so many of us. However, at one point in the game, his regular arms are replaced with robot arms that are super good at killing people. Some people don't like robot...
  11. Noxid

    Extra Life 2015 - support Noxid's Bubsy marathon!

    Hey forum pals and gals! I wanted to let everyone know that this year I'll be participating in the Extra Life charity gaming marathon! What's Extra Life you ask? I dunno, find out on their website. The gist of it is that I play games for 24h and people pledge money in support of my sacrifice to...
  12. Noxid

    LUDUM DARE 2015 Please play and rate my entry so that I can get off on how c00l I am this game is insane garbage also discuss any other games from the compo that you liked
  13. Noxid

    [s]Trade Wars[/s] Blacknova Traders

    come play this BBS game ported to PHP in 2000 and hosted on my crappy website it's free
  14. Noxid

    the game this place is about told with the top ten hundred words empty-rock story is a game for computers made by one guy from a tiny land in the water that speaks funny. In this game you play as a white man who forgot who he was and likes to shot things. The white man finds a city full of white animal things who are having a...
  15. Noxid

    :bubsy: CSTSF PIDGIN COMMUNITY MEMEPAK 2015 :bubsy:

    Come all ye memers and shitposters, to contribute to the new amalgamated CSTSF emote pack for Pidgin and maybe whatever else you want to port it to We have had a rich source of Something Awful memes to whet our palettes but the people crave more like an MLG gamer craves the refreshing citrus...
  16. Noxid

    Valentines Day 2015

    :heart: :heartrefill: :heart: here's to another year of love and laughter share your valentines stories, and give me your valentines day cards here
  17. Noxid

    MODCON 20 4-15 Discussion and Voting thread

    The challenge: The entries: As for what happens now, well, I'm not entirely sure. DT has some words on the judging methods: It is still undecided who will sit on the mysterious judging panel. But for now, everyone should play the mods, and perhaps share what they think if they haven't already...
  18. Noxid

    Dear everyone ever: Stop using Skype

    God this program is such a gob full of shit, I didn't like it when it was good and it's only gone downhill since. Adding advertisements, bloat, chewing up my CPU, and worst of all, replacing my :3 with a fuckin picture of a cat And now, I find out that when I go to look for a 3rd party...
  19. Noxid

    The return of King's Story

    Yes, that's right. I'm bringing it back. It's been a long time since I worked on King's Story, so long that the original ideas of KSS are mere silhouettes in the back of my mind. I played Rave Story a few weeks ago, and I wasn't just impressed with how well it was made - I was embarrassed. Here...
  20. Noxid

    I need YOU to write hacks for Booster's Lab

    So you mighta saw that I finally added the hackinator to BL If you haven't, what the heck are you reading this for? Go download the latest version. Now, the great renaissance of the hackinator is that it lets you write customizable patches that people can load into BL and apply to their game...
  21. Noxid


    I figured I'd make an official thread for this. It'll probably help reinforce the fact that I'm a smarmy fucker that likes to take the piss. Link here ==> - What It is - A couple a' chavs back in the 90s got to thinkin they knew a thing or two about programmin and...
  22. Noxid

    CAT MONTH 2014-15+16

    HELLO FRIENDS As i'm sure you're all aware, July is Cat Month. Please show your support by using a cat avatar, posting pictures of your cat, sharing fun Cat Facts, or partaking in other cat related activities This year I will be trying to draw a cat every day until the end of the month. It's...
  23. Noxid

    I'm actually not hate9

    Fear not forum faithfuls, your one true leader has not been corrupted by the dark overreaching taint of the forum that is hate9 alts I shall continue to battle the menace on behalf of all that remains radical and righteous
  24. Noxid


    Any spambot posts / VMs will be cleaned up by a moderator as soon as one checks the forums, we browse by newest first so there really isn't anything we're going to miss. Replying, and even reporting them really just makes more work for us to clean it up in the long run. Be patient, if it stays...
  25. Noxid

    super best mod

    I have spent very long time making best new mod this is the only mod you will ever need to play you will like very much this mod speaks to the heart and uplifts the soul it is inspired by a very important message that I think we all need to take to heart, and I encourage you all think about it...