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    Sure, just credit me in the credits or the README somewhere.

    Sure, just credit me in the credits or the README somewhere.


    Basically, the game's story has a lot of holes that if you're willing (to go to extreme lengths) to fill in, you can make out a somewhat satisfying story from. That's how I feel about the game. I didn't feel this way about other games like Cave Story and whatnot. There were sometimes holes in...


    Oh boy, I've been waiting for an opportunity to talk about this game. This was one of my most anticipated titles this year, since I played one of the demos konjak released like 5 or so years ago. But did it live up to expectations? Well... The best things this game has to offer is its art...

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    I thought the game had an interesting concept but its execution was so cheesy and cliché that I wasn't able to take it seriously, and hence wasn't drawn in at key moments (ended up feeling detached from the experience). There were some moments of it I enjoyed, but it felt like a shell of a...

    VVVVVV Review (Kind of)

    If you want to play VVVVVV and a rage game at the same time, try some of the Player Levels. Those are "fun".

    Cave Story Running Slow in Virtual Machine

    CS runs kind of slow on modern PC hardware to be honest, like if I'm on "power saver mode" the game actually slows down. This isn't exactly related to your issue but the cause is the same: Cave Story is an old game that uses old graphics. Specifically it uses old graphics libraries, which is...

    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    Oh hey I almost forgot about this, but I still need to play the last modcon entry on my list. Treasure Islands:

    I wouldn't count on either Rip or Tess coming out before Christmas haha, not with how early both...

    I wouldn't count on either Rip or Tess coming out before Christmas haha, not with how early both are in production (at least a year's worth of work for both each, I'd guess). We're still wrapping up OneShot production right now anyways, finishing up the localizations (and then the mac and Linux...


    Yeah, we'll probably look into releasing via other distributors once we have the localizations and ports (mac, Linux) done. We're making good progress on the localizations now (Japanese is out, and soon Portuguese, French, and Spanish will be too.)

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    Yeah that's an issue with Nintendo of America right now, the game was scheduled for 9/15 so it really should be it out.

    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    Nobody is ignoring the new features of your mod, they just don't make up for the glaring flaws that plague it otherwise. To put it concisely, you spent too much time on new features and not enough time on polishing them and making sure they worked for most players (you need playtesting, and not...

    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    Let's play some mods: CTD2: Shipwrecked: More reviews/thoughts later.

    The Fall of Photobucket

    Same. I've always hated how if you tried to copy and paste the direct image link in a new tab it would actually take you to a full photobucket page instead of just the image. Have you guys ever tried imgur? It's pretty good for linking images for 3rd party sites and what I'd recommend everyone...

    Tell me about Zxin, Why does he wear the mask???

    Why are you posting in a thread in the SPOT? To a thread that's over a month old? With a post that does not actually relate to the thread's topic? Protip: don't reply to threads in the SPOT, they're mostly kept around for archival purposes and were moved here for a reason. Closing this...

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    I think they might've added it in to their description after "canonizing" it? Since in Cave Story+ when you get the Mimiga mask ending the ending CGs show the player in the mimiga mask instead of just his normal face.

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    I'm bored, so let's take a crack at this. It's HD in comparison to the original graphics. I'm not sure how this is a lie or misleading, and it's not like people can't see screenshots of the game before they buy it anyways? These are new in comparison to the game's original release. Which I'm...

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    From what I've seen Balrog is the most wanted keychain, so I don't think this statement holds up.


    Hey guys I made a remix of a song in my own game you should check it out: (Technically not originally my own song though since Night wrong the original, and pretty much all of the OneShot OST) Also, the Solstice OST is out now too, if you like listening to tunes...

    Warnings, Bans etc.

    Oreoh has been banned for poor general behavior and posting off-topic posts/threads in general.

    Cave Story

    Yeah we don't need a "Cave Story" thread on the Cave Story tribute site forums. Closing this.

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    It's almost like sometimes you have to figure shit out for yourself sometimes. Nobody knows what you're looking for off the top of their head. We have tutorials on how to learn how to read assembly and documentation on the executable. All the tools are there, you just have to invest the time...

    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    That's probably a result of the frame rate the game was being recorded at, not due to them losing their animations.

    Unused Content Compendium

    Because "The Cutting Room Floor" already exists and (I assume) isn't actively hostile towards people trying to contribute. Or in other words, if this is just for you then make a fucking .txt file instead.

    Unused Content Compendium

    Every time someone tries to add some content to this thread you just reply with "I already knew that." or "fix your bbcode". You never respond in a "thank you, adding that to the compendium" kind of way, or any way that really encourages user participation in this thread. I mean honestly if...