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  1. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Need help with a little project

    Hi guys, i don't post here as often now but i think you guys can help me with this. I plan on making a hentai, and it seems to be a bit more ambitious than i anticipated. Any help is appreciated. Here's what I have so far (NWS)
  2. ShinyElectricBlueTiger


    It feels like recently the forums have been running fine at times, and at other times it feels like it's running at a snail's pace. Just today I tried to search for something and it took about 2 minutes to actually get the results which imo is pretty ridiculous. About 10 Minutes ago it took me...
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    Maybe instead of probably complaining about how e3 may or may not suck this year maybe we could all reflect on the happier and more awkward moments of life and post those moments as well. ecffZBdhAUU h-RtAd4WxfA
  4. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Kero Blaster is out now

    Kero Blaster is a 2014 game by Studio Pixel where you play as a frog that shoots things. The game plays similar to run 'n gun games like Contra and Alien Soldier. Localization was done by Playism, who also did localization for La Mulana as well as Papers, Please. English PC Version Through...
  5. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Quote Announced for Character DLC for Runner2, QuotexReverse Merman Shipping Confirmed

    o1EXCk735rU So yeah I guess this marks the first time Quote has been featured in another game (unless I'm mistaken of course). Not to mention, with a whopping deal of $3 you also get Raz from Psychonauts. Basically all of the threads...
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    So just a little while back on IRC GIR decided to link some homestuck mspaint lollapalooza adventure styled Cave Story webtumblrcomic No GIR why did you have to show this to us. No. No. No. Why. We didn't need to see this. I'm so done.
  7. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    The PewDiePie Thread

    So this is a thread where we talk about super popular have my babies youtube star PewDiePie! Man I can't believe we haven't done this yet!!1 Have a recent thing he said on a thing that I follow From here Now, I don't know PewDiePie. I haven't really heard about him that much until just...
  8. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    A Discussion About Your Values of Gaming and Modern Gaming

    All I can say is that this topic started in IRC with me favoring gameplay over Hiino's favoring of story/art, and then we neutralized and agreed that most of modern gaming suck. So I basically wanted to see what you guys think Poll #2 has been made as multiple choice poll because there is...
  9. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Just SEBTi and Hayden on their regular shenans (aka "Fetch quests?")

    Wow am I teh only srs person on teh forumz????? :confused: Am I the only one who feels that the person who made a mod with numerous fetch quest suddenly criticizes Cave Story for having fetch quests over here? That theory was made as a joke and I had exactly zero fucks when making that. The...
  10. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Peposoft Games

    So recently I have been basically addicted to Peposoft games. (Here's his website but he's currently the moon.) They are insanely fun, very replayable, and they all have great music. Here's how I'm going to organize them: Okay let's get this started... Mini Shooter Right Scroll (MS RS) Delta...
  11. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    How Curly was drained.

    It has come to my knowledge that we have absolutely no fucking idea how Curly was drained in the Waterway Cabin so I have come to shed new light on this topic. Keep in mind that my thoughts are not the most average, so be sure that you are at a decent-not-12-year-old maturity before reading the...
  12. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Conspiracy Theory

    I have a conspiracy regartding LunarSoul (MagicDoors to those who do not know) and HadenStudiso. One that you would shed tears of happieness, yet allow you to scream in horror and terror. Before I present my theory, allow me to go over several points: POINT NUMBER ONE: JOIN DATE AND OTHER...
  13. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Noxid's Story v2.0 (finally)

    So for the like the past month I have been making this. Noxid Story 1.0.1 Download NEWSFLASH NOXID STORY 2.0 IS DONE. LOOK AT IT HERE. Features: -Control the beloved moderator Noxid as he bans all of the goblins and spambots! -Refrances to forum humor and other shenanigans! -Banhammer...
  14. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    The Contents of Azarachi

    With the release of Azarachi in the AppStore, I decided to take a look at what was inside the app for those who are curious (even though it can be done in 10 seconds). First, let me go over some term(s) that may or may not be familiar: Here's what I found out so far: Inside...
  15. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    MS DOS Games

    I just put DOSBox on my computer last night and I was wondering if anyone knew any good shareware or freeware games. I put many of the classics such as Duke Nukem I, II, and 3D, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein 3D, and I feel that my DOS library needs a bit more.
  16. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Cave Story Beta Songs (Lossless Collection)

    One day, I felt like getting some Cave Story Beta .mp3's so I could play it in a media player. After a simple, small search, I came across the songs in a thread that lead me to a Doukutsu Uploader link, which had all of the songs. When I opened up Wind Fortress, I was somewhat disappointed in...
  17. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    [IDEA] .org->.pttune converter

    I had this idea for several months already, so it's about time to do so. It would basically convert the .org files to .pttune. This is an advantage over org2xm because there can be more Organya sounding music files that can be easily exported to a .wav file, and gives the quality that is needed...
  18. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Super Smash Land

    Welcome to Super Smash Land, a freeware PC game that demakes Super Smash Bros. into the old Game Boy 4-color graphics. 351CO5_8fbM Features: -The classic four veterans (Link, Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby) plus a few other secret characters -Music by InversePhase and Flashygoodness -Classic 4 color...
  19. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Why does Momorin have the mimiga mask?

    This question came from Noxid during his livestream on Cave Story+ a while ago, and it has bugged me since. So, as the title states, why does Momorin have the mimiga mask?
  20. ShinyElectricBlueTiger

    Doodle or Die

    All of us on IRC are on this site called Doodle or Die. What is it? It's basically a combination of Telephone and Pictionary. People draw a picture anonymously and other anonymous people write descriptions on what the anonymous picture is. To show what could go on the site, here's chain...