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  1. duncathan

    cave story randomizer

    the cave story randomizer shuffles the locations of every item in cave story, creating a new experience each time you play! the randomizer has logic in place to ensure that you can always reach every item and finish the game. if you're interested, check out our discord server...
  2. duncathan

    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    It's that time once again, folks! Welcome one and all to... The Official Cave Story Tribute Site Forums Discord Group and Cave Story Modding Community Modding Competition! (aka modcon 2017) Modcon is the annual Cave Story Community Modding series where you work hard, submit your entry, and earn...
  3. duncathan

    Make Modding Forum rules more obvious

    Currently, they're stickied in Showcase. While that's not the worst they could be; it doesn't make much sense. Wouldn't they be better off in Modding General? Or, even better, can we sticky the rules to both subforums somehow, to make them nice and obvious to anyone making a thread in either...
  4. duncathan

    Vote for Quote in SSB

    note: vote quote
  5. duncathan

    Soundcloud group for ORGs and PxTone creations

    Sup guys. I made a group on Soundcloud today dedicated to all ORGs and Pxtone creations we have on there. The group is right here. I figured that if we put all our songs together in a group somewhere very public, it means that if one of us starts getting more known, it'll affect everyone...
  6. duncathan

    Yeah can we have the automerger back

    Losing the automerger is useful to only a very, very small minority (GIR and GIR alone AFAIK (and even then as a mod he still needs to help clean up double posts soooo)) Having the automerger is useful to so many people Why remove it in the first place?
  7. duncathan

    Moon Hunters, a Myth-Weaving RPG (another Kickstarter thing)

    While we're speaking about Kickstarter, I'd like to show you guys Moon Hunters, a real cool looking new RPG. Within a couple days it had blown away its original goal of $45,000 CAD, and with the way it's going it's looking like it'll easily go through some more stretch goals, most notable of...
  8. duncathan

    Forum Elitism

    This thread is about something that has been a problem for as long as I can remember, we all know is a problem, and is really quite a significant problem. It's about the nigh-invincibility to all forms of forum harm that's given to established members of the forums. You know what I'm talking...
  9. duncathan

    Kero Blaster Modding

    So, the big question... How long until Kero Blaster modding? Conveniently, unlike CS the music and sounds are outside the .exe. There's a folder called bgm with the music and one called se with sounds. Music is in .ptcop, which means it's editable like .orgs, and sounds are in .ptnoise...
  10. duncathan

    Cave Story Arrangements

    Hey! As some of you may know, I've recently gotten into arranging video game songs for small ensembles. I just finished an arrangement of Moonsong (at my 10-year-old brother's request) and decided I should do more. So, I'm making a thread here to see what you guys think of them. Here's my...
  11. duncathan

    The Fourth Annual Kanpachis

    It's time. It's happening. It's like a month and a half earlier than the other times. So, the fourth kanpachi awards! That's like, one less than the fifth! This year, the awards aren't being run by just one person, but rather a council of five. These five are the people whom I trust the most...
  12. duncathan

    Ban Appeals

    Hear me out please Ban evasion. Seriously, has this ever not been a problem? But with decent reason. So, you've just been permabanned. But you want back. What do you do? Well, the rules don't say anything about being able to ask for your privileges back, so the only obvious choice is to make an...
  13. duncathan

    Mondo Medicals

    Mondo Medicals is a first-person puzzle game by cactus (also cactus is an amazing game developer and you should play all his games) You're a person diagnosed with cancer applying for a job at Mondo Medicals, a company looking for a cure for cancer. You start the game in a facility designed for...
  14. duncathan

    Role Playin Gamer Comic

    "Console RPG webcomics at their best" ~Comic tagline [06:09.00] <Hiino> the expressions [06:09.02] <Hiino> the dialogues [06:09.04] <Hiino> the everything
  15. duncathan

    National Windsofwinds Day

    One year ago today, the great windsofwinds joined the CSTSF. He was undoubtedly the greatest forum-goer to ever join. !csforum
  16. duncathan

    Don't bring friends if you are 12

    one more and these friends will have reached my record
  17. duncathan

    Humble Indie Bundle 6

    yup I don't think I really need to explain.
  18. duncathan

    Cave Story Tribute Site Forums the Forum Game on the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums

    Or, if you prefer, the CSTSFFGCSTSF. This game was thought up by the brilliant mastermind known as windsofwinds. You may have heard of him. This is the original text from the rules. It may be hard to read, but read through it all, it's an important piece of required reading to play this game...
  19. duncathan

    1000 THREADS!

    We've done it guys. And I am proud to say that I made the 1000th thread in the Satellite Lounge. What are you guys doing to celebrate? I did what Noxid suggested to Tpcool. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of my cupcakes, as they were just too delicious to wait to eat. However, Tpcool...
  20. duncathan

    bake no duncs

    carried over from http://www.cavestory...-2/page__st__50[hr] Review: 1/10 april fools is over retard
  21. duncathan


    A thread for speeches of any kind. This thread also accepts rants, we aren't picky. Even tangents, if you want. Go ahead, make that rant about how rants are speeches! Time I think time is just used to keep our minds from exploding due to the sheer amount of possibilities in this world. With...
  22. duncathan

    Minimal Items Run- A Few Questions

    Okay, I was reluctant to make this thread, but I have searched with my settings on show threads from all time, and I am planning a Minimal Items run of my own, which is why I ask these questions. Question #1: What are the requirements for a "Minimal Items" run? I know this sounds kind of a lame...
  23. duncathan

    We are the 99.12126537785589%

    We shall occupy the Sattelite Lounge! MUHUHAHAHAHAAAAA!! I made this thread because the older ones made one of their own. I have one thing to say: spam and necropostRaise your post counts without spam or necroposting! We must reform the middle class!
  24. duncathan

    Cave Story Mod by Me (I haven't thought of a name yet)

    My friend and I thought of a mod that doesn't change much, just adds a couple things. The main idea is that when you go to the labyrinth shop with the Polar Star and Fireball, Chaba isn't there. One of the Gaudi will then tell you that he went looking for food and/or parts for more Snakes. There...