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  1. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    To put it simply: don't get your hopes up. I can't say much more than that.
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    Last Cave (Unhidden)

    I think it's a relic of Nicalis starting with AGTP. There's old footage of Wiiware saying "Sacred Grounds - B1" and such. There's another pair of maps with the same issue. Prefab Building and Prefab House. Nice to see you too btw, I've been keeping an eye on things again since I'm working on a...
  3. duncathan

    Last Cave (Unhidden)

    in fact, there's no such thing as a non-hidden Last Cave. Last Cave (Hidden) is the only room with "Last Cave" in its name. Are you thinking of Final Cave?
  4. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Nicalis has a long history of being very supportive of the modding community. I'm very hopeful that they'll be willing to work with the maintainers and come to an agreement that makes everybody happy.
  5. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    In short, the maintainers will be reaching out to Nicalis directly in an attempt to work out some kind of arrangement with them. I wouldn't expect much in the way of news for several days, as correspondence like this takes time.
  6. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    I assure you that it need not be so drastic. There are several courses of action available, none of which require Nicalis giving up any sort of rights.
  7. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    For the record, the maintainers of the most important CSE2 branches are working on a plan of action to restore the project. I'm pretty hopeful that things will go well, and all will be back to normal in no time.
  8. duncathan

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    in case anybody was wondering, I'm the one who said this, and the ex employee I'm talking about is also a longstanding member of this forum. I'll let you decide whether I'm more credible than the brand new 2 post account trying to discount my claims
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    Im bored so I'll make player skins for you.

    Hey, if you're still interested, I'm looking for a few MyChars using CS characters. Think you could make a King one? With Mimiga Mask alt, please!
  10. duncathan

    why dose nicalis own the rights of Cave Story

    yeah, what a bad choice by pixel. it's not like the revenue he earned from the commercial releases of cave story allowed him to quit his job and become a full time game developer or anything --- nicalis owns the rights to cave story because pixel sold them to the company
  11. duncathan

    CS+ Script editing

    CS+ mods can be distributed if you use Plus Porter to make a patch afaik
  12. duncathan

    Worst part about Cave Story?

    significant design flaws in cave story: 1) jellyfish juice 2) puppies 3) very precise and unforgiving jump in labyrinth B (this is less offensive because at least you get a save point to reset with) 4) very precise and unforgiving jump to the waterway house 5) "Leave her here?" #1, #2, and #4...
  13. duncathan

    cave story randomizer

    Hey everyone! The new release of my Cave Story Randomizer is here: Also, I've decided to put together a Discord server so that I could centralize discussion about the rando! If you've been playing, or have been interested in playing...
  14. duncathan

    cave story randomizer

    the cave story randomizer shuffles the locations of every item in cave story, creating a new experience each time you play! the randomizer has logic in place to ensure that you can always reach every item and finish the game. if you're interested, check out our discord server...
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    Ordeal Pillar [v1.2] [COMPLETE]

    god bless block friend
  16. duncathan

    Life choices

    I'll assume you mean graduating high school, in which case I'll say you're making a bigger deal of it than you need to. Many students don't figure out what they're doing until after they enroll in University, and even more end up changing their minds partway through. Just keep trying things to...
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    how do you find time to do stuff

    In 1884, meridian time personnel met in Washington to change Earth time. First words said was that only 1 day could be used on Earth to not change the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1 day and ignored the other 3 days. The bible time was wrong then and it proved wrong today...
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    Cave Story Forums Hurt and Heal

    Heal LUNAR, hurt JERSE
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    Cave Story Forums Hurt and Heal

    Heal Tpcool
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    Need help contacting Nicalis - anyone here done so?

    You'd think that if Nicalis wanted JN to be official they would've asked Shmitz about it when they contracted him to make challenges.
  22. duncathan

    VB, kindly do not DARE suggest that my discord server is the way he described. You are banned...

    VB, kindly do not DARE suggest that my discord server is the way he described. You are banned because you created that environment. Shut the fuck up. I'm not gonna address anything else q3 is talking about, but the Discord servers are both quite productive.
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    The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

    There are two separate Discord servers, both of which are collaborating for this contest.
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    honestly there's hardly even real evidence that robots have gender, I think you're making too many assumptions here